The Wedding Scoop Spotlight: Grooms and Groomsmen Style Trends

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In this installment of The Wedding Scoop Spotlight, Dharma Sadasivan, our resident dapper lad, sheds some light on 6 great men’s style trends for inherently cool grooms and groomsmen wedding looks!

1. Smart casual jackets
Weddings are joyous occasions – cut loose with a more relaxed look. Wear a blue or grey jacket to retain the sense of decorum demanded of a wedding, while still looking and feeling light and stress-free.

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2. Wear a bowtie 
A bowtie – particularly a well-tied one, shouts sophistication, while the wide array of colors and designs gives you plenty of wiggle room to find one that suits your personality. Like the vintage vibe? Pick a woven material. Want to share your passion for a particular hobby? Look for something with a quirky pattern that represents your interests. Channeling Tony Stark? Go with black satin. If you do go the bowtie route, invest some time in learning to tie it. Pre-tied bowties are about as sexy as zip-up neckties and should be worn only by children. 

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3. Color block
Don’t know what it is? Don’t worry, neither did I until my wife explained it. It’s all about the contrasting colors that create a nice, if unexpected, focal point that draws your guests’ eyes to the contrast. 

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4. Boutonnieres
A boutonniere is traditionally a floral decoration worn by men at the buttonhole of the jacket, but if you’re feeling adventurous, a quirky or unusual boutonniere is a great way to let your personality shine through. 

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5. Details, details, details
If you’re opting for a traditional look but still want to jazz things up, focus on the details. Putting a twist on a detail is a great way to maintain a traditional look while staying unique. Check out the amazing blue belt buckle below – that is a great example of paying attention to the details.

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6. Hamming it up with the guys 
You’re celebrating the greatest day of your life with your best buds. Take the opportunity to have fun and ham it up with the guys. Coordinate your looks with matching – or contrasting – colors and patterns, in-jokes, themes, poses or elements of attire such as suspenders or socks.

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That’s all for now, fellas! Make sure to check back with us soon for more grooms and groomsmen style trends! 

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