11 Amazing Songs for Your Walk down the Aisle


Photo by Alwin Lim of Trouvé via Jay and Amy's Destination Wedding at Tirtha Luhur, Bali.

While the timeless Mendelssohn’s Wedding March will always be a classic, it is increasingly common to see couples opting for a more modern twist on their wedding processions. In this feature, we're proud to have a guest contribution from the lovely Sara Wee of one of Singapore's best-known bands, 53A, as she shares with us a few of her favourite walk-in songs. If you’re looking to jazz up your wedding, here are some suggestions you don’t want to miss. We're also thrilled to take this opportunity to introduce The Wedding Scoop's very own Spotify account, where you'll be able to listen to Sara's picks. We'll be posting playlists on Spotify from time to time to give you amazing ideas for your wedding music, from walk-ins to post-wedding parties and everything in between!


Without further ado, take it away Sara!

I'm Sara Wee and I play in a band called 53A. We're mostly known for playing Top 40s covers at Timbre and Wala Wala but it's a little known fact that Alvin and I started off as a Jazz duo, so a lot of the weddings we play at have a good mix of simple jazzy tunes and pop songs. We've been playing weddings for 11 years now and there's still nothing more satisfying than singing my heart out as the happy couple takes their first walk down the aisle as Man and Wife.

Here's a list of 11 of my favourite processional songs for weddings.

1. Inseparable - Natalie Cole

This will always be one of my favourite walk-in songs because I first sang it at my cousin's wedding. It's a beautiful song that's classy, timeless and has very lovely lyrics.

2. You And I  - Michael Buble

Stevie Wonder wrote and released this song in 1972 and many other artistes, including Macy Gray, have covered it, but Michael Buble’s rendition is the most beautiful version of the song I've ever heard. A couple recently asked us to sing this as their walk-in song and it's the first time in our history of playing weddings that we've persuaded the client to use the actual song instead of getting us to cover it. We're so glad they went with our suggestion because it was one of the best walk-in moments I've ever witnessed.

3. Build Me Up Buttercup - The Foundations

We had a blast playing this as a Bride and Groom danced down the aisle while their guests were all on their feet clapping and laughing along with them. This is a great option especially if you are a playful and fun couple and know your guests are fun and spontaneous.


Photo by Jonathan Ong via Jiaheng and Adelene's Woodsy Wedding in Melbourne.

4. The Way I Am - Ingrid Michaelson

We usually recommend couples choose a song that they both love so when they walk down the aisle, they'll be thinking, "Yeah, this is our song!" This song always tugs at my heartstrings because a really old friend of mine from Lasalle got engaged to this wonderful guy who contacted me privately to sing at their wedding as a surprise wedding gift to her. She'd been telling me for years that she wanted at least a recording of me singing this song to play while she walked down the aisle, so when she saw me standing beside the Justice of Peace and her man singing with my guitar, the look on her face was priceless. It's a cute little song about accepting your partner no matter what their little quirks are and loving them for all that they are.

5. That's All - Eliane Elias

This is one of my favourite Jazz ballads and it talks about the simplicity of love. This is my favourite verse from the song - "If you're wondering what I'm asking in return, dear, you'll be glad to know that my demands are small. Say it's me that you'll adore, for now and evermore. That's all, that's all."

6. The Swan

For the couple that wants a really classy walk-in but is reluctant to play Canon In D (because everyone uses it), this is a very beautiful Classical piece that is still pretty well known but is relatively untouched in the wedding scene.


Photo by Plush Photography via Muzahir and Danielle's Navy and Gold Wedding at Sri Panwa Phuket.

7. The Waltz - Silje Nergaard

Silje Nergaard is a slightly more contemporary Jazz artiste so her songs aren't entirely along the lines of "Fly Me To The Moon", but she's an amazing songwriter and I honestly think this is one of her best works. This is very suitable as a first dance song as well because it's a waltz, the most basic and classic form of ballroom dancing.

8. Gotta Have You - The Weepies

Sometimes the couples we play for introduce us to the best songs. We learned this song by The Weepies for a couple who didn't want any Top 40s songs on their playlist and were more than happy to have us play our original songs at their wedding. This was one of the nicest things that a couple has ever done for us.

9. Can I Stay - Ray LaMontagne

This song just takes me to another place. Ray LaMontagne is an amazing singer-songwriter and this is one of his masterpieces. A song about a man who has spent the night with a lady and realises that he's falling in love and wants to stay in with her all day. 


Photo by Ivan Tan Photography via Joseph and Joanne's "Shabby Chic" Wedding at Nosh.

10. I Can Give You The Starlight – Ivor Novello

I first heard it on the soundtrack of Gosford Park and I remember thinking to myself that this would be an incredible song for a wedding. Beautifully sung by Jeremy Northam, this is a modern take on a very classic song written by popular composer Ivor Novello.

11. Here, There And Everywhere - Belarus

I'm going to go a whole step further with this list and include the song that I want to use as my walk-in song when I get married. Everyone who knows me knows that my favourite band of all time is The Beatles and this is the best cover of any Beatles song I've ever heard. I cried the first time I heard it and even though I sing the original Beatles version at weddings very often, there's just something ridiculously magical about this version.


Photo by Jenny Sun via A Spring Garden Wedding in Sydney: Riszal and Sook.


Have more incredible walk-in song suggestions of your own, Wedding Scoopers? Please share them with us by leaving a comment below or over on our Facebook or Instagram pages. We’d love to hear from you! :)


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