12 Cheeky and Funny Wedding Picture Ideas You’ve Got To Steal

00 Ryan and Jessica

Photo by AndroidsinBoots

If you’re looking to inject a little pizzazz into your wedding photos, then we’ve got just the thing to perk up your midweek. Let these creative (and in some cases, hilarious) couples and their bridal parties and photographers show you how to make your big day absolutely unforgettable.

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1. Movie Magic

01p Quinn Miller Photo and Design

Photo by Quinn Miller Photo + Design

02p Michelle Chiu Photography

Photo by Michelle Chiu Photography

03p Esser Photography

Photo by Esser Photography

04p IXsf Skillforum Design & Photography

Photo by IXsf skillforum Design & Photography

05p Steven Kowalski Photography

Photo by Steven Kowalski Photography

06p Jordan Nakamura

Photo by Jordan Nakamura

07p Buzzfeed

Photo from Buzzfeed

2. Super

08 Linnea Liz 03

Photo by Linnea Liz

09 RSB Photography

Photo by RSB Photography

10 Pinterest 03

Photo from Pinterest

10a Hoffer Photography

Photo by Hoffer Photography

11 Bustle 01

Photo from Bustle

12a Adriel and Nicole 02

12b Adriel and Nicole 03

Adriel and Nicole's Playful Engagement Session, photos by One Eye Click

13 Jordan Weiland Photography

Photo by Jordan Weiland Photography

14 Ryan and Jessica

An Elegant Wedding at the Fullerton Hotel: Ryan + Jessica, photo by AndroidsinBoots

15 Ophelia Photography

Photo by Ophelia Photography

16 JR Pena Photography

Photo by JR Pena Photography

17 Rachel Meagan Photography

Photos by Rachel Meagan Photography

3. Gender Bender

18 Aaron Watson Photography

Photo by Aaron Watson Photography

19 Robb Davidson Photography

Photo by Robb Davidson Photography

20 Miller and Miller

 Photo by Miller + Miller Photography

21 Bustle 02

Photo from Bustle

22 Pinterest 02

Photo from Pinterest

23 Issac and Charlotte 01

A Sparkly Sendoff: Issac and Charlotte's Soiree at Suburbia, photo by AndroidsinBoots

24 Plum Tree Studios

Photo by Plum Tree Studios

25 Bridal Guide 02 01

Photo from Bridal Guide

4. The Wedding Selfie + Fun Portrait Ideas

26 Anthony Carbajal Photography

Photo by Anthony Carbajal

27 Hoffer Photography 02

Photo by Hoffer Photography

28 Monique Hessler Photography

Photo by Monique Hessler Photography

29 Manuel Orero

Photo by Manuel Orero

30 Wedding Party App

Photos from Wedding Party App

5. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

31 Bridal Prep 01

32 Bridal Prep 02

Glamorous Bridal Prep Inspiration, Old Hollywood Style, photos by Chen Sands Photography

32a Adriel and Nicole 05

Whimsical Handcrafted Wedding at One Rochester: Adriel + Nicole, photo by One Eye Click

33 Maria Vincencio

Photo by Maria Vicencio Photography

34 Bryan and Carmen 02

35 Bryan and Carmen 01

Bryan and Carmen's Star Wars-Infused Soiree at Clifford Pier, photos by Mindy Tan Photography

36 Confetti Daydreams

Photo from Confetti Daydreams

37 Hubert and Tsu Ann 03

Hubert and Tsu Ann's 'East Meets West' Wedding in Penang, photo by Manoj Photography

6. The Flatlay

38 Bridal Guide

Photo from Bridal Guide

39 Adriel and Nicole 01

Adriel and Nicole's Playful Engagement Session, photos by One Eye Click

40 Buzzfeed 02 04

Photo from Buzzfeed

7. Dragged Down The Aisle

41 Hidden Photography

Photo from Pinterest

42 Reilly Images

Photo by Reilly Images

43a Inna Makeenko

Photo by Inna Makeenko Photography

43 Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest

44 Matthew and Esther

Matthew and Esther's Travel-Themed Wedding at Gita Bayu

45 Elizabeth Messina

Photo by Elizabeth Messina

8. The Kiss

46 Garrett and Sara 02

Garrett and Sara's Rustic Wedding at The Saujana Hotel, photo by Peter Herman Photography

47 Zoe Rain for Jkoe Photography

Photo by Zoe Rain for Jkoe Photography

48 Buzzfeed 02 03

Photo from Buzzfeed

49 HawkPics

Photo by HawkPics by Monika

50 Jewels Photography

Photo by Jewels Photography

51 Wei Kiat and Ee Von

Wei Kiat and Ee Von's Wedding in a Colonial-Style Boutique Hotel, photo by Munkeat Photography

52a Redmoose Photo

Photo by Redmoose Photography

52 Jennifer Bagwell Photography

Photo by Jennifer Bagwell Photography

53 Freddy Ku Photography

Photo by Freddy Ku Photography

10. Hanging Out With The Boys

54 Adriel and Nicole 04

Whimsical Handcrafted Wedding at One Rochester: Adriel + Nicole, photo by One Eye Click

55 Aston and Victoria

 Plush Phuket Wedding Which Ended in an Explosion of Fireworks: Aston and Victoria, photo by Darinimages

56 Hitch and Sparrow

Photo by Hitch & Sparrow

57 Buzzfeed 02 01

Photo from Buzzfeed

58 William and Velda 01

William and Velda's Sweet Solemnisation at Corner House, Botanic Gardens, photo by Framewerks Photography

59 Julius and Eileen 02

Julius and Eileen's Vibrant Traditional Peranakan Wedding, photo by AndroidsinBoots

60 Photography by Britton

Photo by Photography by Britton

61a Llewellyn-&-Sheryl 02

61b Llewellyn-&-Sheryl 01

A Turquoise Wedding at Conrad Bali: Llewellyn and Sheryl, photos by Lightedpixels Pixies

62 Red Letter Days

Photo by Red Letter Days

63 Reddit

Photo from Reddit

64 Sorenn and Lavinne

Soren and Lavinne's Breathtaking Wedding on the 57th Floor of the Petronas Towers, photos by Axioo

65 Del Sol Photography

Photo by Del Sol Photography

11. Clever Compositions

66 Shu Qi and Stephen Fung's Pre-Wedding

Photo from Shu Qi and Stephen Fung's engagement shoot

67 Stuff Happens - La Grande Jatte

A recreation of 'A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grand Jatte', photo by Stuff Happens

68 Aston and Victoria 03

Plush Phuket Wedding Which Ended in an Explosion of Fireworks: Aston and Victoria, photo by Darinimages

12. A Touch of Sparkle

69 Issac and Charlotte 03

A Sparkly Sendoff: Issac and Charlotte's Soiree at Suburbia, photo by AndroidsinBoots

70 Lamb and Lark

Photo by Lamb and Lark Photography

71a Aston and Victoria 02

71b Aston and Victoria 02a

Plush Phuket Wedding Which Ended in an Explosion of Fireworks: Aston and Victoria, photos by Darinimages

72 Captivating Weddings

Photo by Captivating Weddings

73 The Knot 01

Photo from The Knot



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