3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Planning A Destination Marriage Proposal

Thinking about popping the question? Consider doing it overseas for an extra-memorable touch! We reached out to The Heart Bandits, the leading proposal planning company in the United States, to get their top reasons why you should consider planning a destination proposal.

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When you go to a new destination, you will find yourself visiting iconic locations and famous landmarks. For example, if you’re going to Paris you are sure to find yourself in front of the awe-inspiring Eiffel Tower. If you’re going to Bora Bora, you’re going to explore the amazingly clear beaches and resorts. Whatever destination you choose, it will surely provide you with scenery that most likely you and your partner have never seen together. That alone will make for a great experience together and create the perfect moment to ask that once-in-a-lifetime question.

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Time to yourselves
When you propose in the city you live in, there are so many distractions; work schedules you have to plan around, social commitments already made, etc. When you opt for a destination proposal, you will be on vacation. This means that you will be away from all the stress you have back home. You will enjoy a lot of quality time with your partner, which lends itself to many proposal opportunities throughout the trip that you can take advantage of.

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Create a Memory
If you propose at a new destination, then that means that this place will always hold a special place in your heart. The exact location will be endeared in your heart and if you ever visit it down the road, you will always be reminded of it and it will bring you back to the wonderful memory you shared. You can also use the destination to plan romantic anniversaries in the future. For example, if you proposed in Italy, you can take your partner out to an Italian restaurant for your anniversary. If you propose at the beach in Santa Monica, you can plan beach-themed anniversary dates and gifts.

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Photos by Petronella Photography

With all the beautiful locations in and around South-East Asia, there’s no shortage of magical destinations for you to plan the perfect proposal. And if you’re excited about the prospect of venturing further out, the world has plenty of stunning proposal-worthy places to explore.


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