4 Generations of Love: A Styled Family Photo Shoot

Brides often take lots of lovely getting ready and portrait shots with their bridesmaids but sometimes miss out on taking photos with their family. We decided to do a shoot with 4 generations of women as beautiful inspiration for brides to remember to have photos like these taken the day of, or even after, their weddings – because “Family is not an important thing, it is everything.

Our thanks to MY Wedding Planner, Joshua Koh Photography, K’Seena House, Armadale Weddings, Wishing Tree, Mabel Toh Makeup Studio, The Missing Piece, and our models Miss Universe Malaysia Carey Ng, her grandmother, mother, sister and baby Shaelyn Rey, for creating these heartwarming images with us.

A word from Carey on her grandmother, mother and sister:
My grandmother, a first generation Hakka born in Malaysia, is a true fighter. She fought in the jungle alongside my grandfather (then the lead of her troop) during the Japanese occupation! She got 12 bullets through her body and we even found 1 lodged in her thigh in an X-ray we did 15 years ago. We always joke that she’s got 9 lives, she’s quite the survivor!

Grandma is always tough on the outside, she’s a no-PDA (public display of affection) sort of person but grandpa and her always held hands till old age. Their love was inspirational.

Grandma had 2 daughters, both gifted in arts like my grandpa! My mom is the youngest. My mom picked up sewing to make performance leotards for my sister and I when we were competing for wilayah in rhythmic gymnastics. The leotards were intricate with patterns, sequins etc.! She’s such a superwoman!

My mom inherited her calm, resilient quality from my grandma. She’s quite the trooper herself. She can do anything and everything. She has 4 children and I’m the second in the family. She was in advertising until she had my sister who was born with a hole in her heart.

My sister is a little like my grandma. She’s a really loving and gentle soul but she’s always putting on a tough face. She’s really good with babies! Probably my go-to babysitter when grandma gets tired. My sister was born with a hole in her heart and had surgery before she turned one! She is a trooper, never letting that get in her way of doing sports and living her life! I remember when she came back from the hospital, tiny and frail, she was still all smiles. She’s tough and good-natured.

I’m my mom’s best friend. People say I’m very much like her.

This was our first shoot together and it’s beautiful that we got to celebrate one another as women in the family.”


It's always a privilege to share the work of wedding creatives with our community! Thank you to all the talented folks who participated in this styled shoot, including our beautiful and inspiring models across 4 generations of family!


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{Styled shoot co-produced by The Wedding Scoop.}


Vendor Information
Concept, Co Producer, and Exclusive Publisher: The Wedding Scoop
Concept, Styling and Coordination: MY Wedding Planner
Concept and Photography: Joshua Koh Photography 
Venue: K’Seena House, Kuang, Selangor, Malaysia
Videography: Armadale Weddings
Flowers: Wishing Tree
Hair and Makeup: Mabel Toh Makeup Studio
Dresses: The Missing Piece
Models: Carey Ng, Shaelyn Rey, and family