50 Best Destination Wedding Photos of 2017

Melanie Ng of Assemblage Photography

You loved our feature on the top 50 engagement photos from the past year - so today we're thrilled to bring you Junebug Weddings’ annual selection of the most beautiful destination wedding photos (which we’re proud to say includes Singapore, Malaysia and regional photographers) skilfully capturing the connection between couples in wanderlust-worthy destinations all around the world. Travel inspo for days!

A word from Singapore’s very own Melanie Ng of Assemblage Photography on her winning photo…
“Grace and Ronnie flew all the way from Singapore to Norway to elope on top of a mountain overlooking a fjord. Later that night we hiked up the mountain in the dark, back to the spot where they said their vows earlier that day. We made a campfire, roasted marshmallows and hung out till the sun came up over the fjord. I remember looking around in wonder at the beauty that was all around us and feeling so lucky to be able to experience something so amazing with my couple. Norway is breathtaking and this is one of the most incredible moments I’ve ever been part of.”

Cole Kor of 2 of us photography

A word from Singapore’s very own Cole Kor of 2 of us photography on his winning photo…
“It’s the toughest photoshoot I’ve ever had. It was day 1 of the shoot and it was windy and raining the whole day, with only 3 to 4 hours of daylight. The average temperature was -7 to 1 and we stayed inside the car and waited for better weather after reaching the location. An hour later, when the weather remained the same and the day was getting darker, I decided that I wasn’t going to do nothing on day 1. My couple agreed!

Safety always comes first; we checked the stability of the iceberg and the waves before we started. My lighting system had to be covered up with a plastic bag and I needed to keep wiping my lens to focus while shooting. The couple climbed up the iceberg, took off their jackets and waited for the perfect waves.

We eventually got the shot after about 10 minutes and we then rushed back to the car and left for hot food, hot showers and rest. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all of us!”

Jane Lee of Hellojanelee Photography

A word from Malaysia’s very own Jane of Hellojanelee Photography on her winning photo…
"It was my first experience being in Scotland to photograph a couple and travelling together with them for a week! The couple flew in from Singapore and we met up in Edinburgh. We then rented a car and travelled all the way down south before switching to a Volkswagen campervan. This photo was photographed at Portpatrick. It was a little scary as the spot where I was standing to take the shot was actually high up the hill facing the ocean, without any fencing at all – at the lookout point. The couple had this crazy idea to put the bride’s legs up; if I remember correctly, the bride asked whether she should remove her Totoro socks and wear her heels instead. I said, “No”! I guess this is the reason why the photo was picked? Who else would wear Totoro socks for their wedding photo session? Anyway, the whole week spent with them was amazing because it didn't feel like work at all."

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