50 Best Engagement Photos of 2017

Samuel Goh of Samuel Goh Photography

Engagement photos tell stories and can convey the multitude of emotions that a couple feels during the joyful beginning of their love and life together which is why we’re delighted to share Junebug Weddings’ annual selection of the top 50 engagement photos from the past year, described by Carrie Crooks, its General Manager and Editor in Chief as, “compelling, breathtaking, and undeniably sexy.”

A word from Singapore’s very own Samuel Goh on his winning photo…
I have an interest in photographing couples in places that have been previously occupied. There always seems to be a bit of soul left in these places that I can bring into my images. When a friend discovered this abandoned fish farm, I put forth the idea to Randall and Pearlyne and they jumped at it. It felt more like an exploration for us than a photoshoot. I stumbled upon an empty room with a single window. I wanted to create an image that could bring out the mood of the place. I placed Randall in the foreground to be part of the story while focusing on the light on Pearlyne's dress and her gaze out of the frame. The end result was better than what I had imagined and I'm really glad it made it to the top 50.”

Luke Liable

Leopoldo Sena of SweetPaperMedia

Kadek Artayasa of diktat photography

Katie Hoss of Katie Hoss Photo

Matteo Coltro of Matrimoni all'italiana

Eric Floberg Film and Photography

Los Ébano

Sebastien Bicard of Sebastien Bicard Photography

Renata Xavier of Renata Xavier Photography


Sidney Coombes of Daisy & the Duke

Kadek Artayasa of diktat photography

Tjeerd Paul Jacobs of Tjeerd Paul Jacobs Photography

Ruan Redelinghuys of Ruan Redelinghuys Photography

Sara Rogers

Jeff Hammong of Sun + Life Photography


Lindsay Rae Michael of Dearheart Photos

Hugo Coelho

Rachel Waters of Rachel Photographs

Jonathan Cooley of Costa Vida Photography

Candice Marie of Candice Marie Photography

Ropate Kama of Kama Catch Me Photography

Shari and Mike Valelly of Shari + Mike Photographers

Sidney Coombes of Daisy & the Duke

Paul Woo of Wandering Woo

Jim Pollard of Pollard We Are

Cole Kor of 2 of us photography

Hendra Lesmana of Cheese N Click Photography

Helena and Laurent Martin of Helena and Laurent

Budy Pratama of Terralogical

Melissa Cervantes of Melissa Cervantes Photography

Ron Dillon of Ron Dillon Photography

Redden Wood of Redden Photography

Sara K Byrne of Sara K Byrne Photography

Dallas Kolotylo of Dallas and Sabrina Photography

Jennifer Brister of Story and Gold Weddings

Miriam Ackroyd of Life is Beautiful

Daniel Verley of the DV Image

Ryan Learoyd of Shutter Go Click Photography

Jordan Voth of Jordan Voth Photography

Lukas Piatek

Bethany Howarth of Bethany Howarth Photography

Abigail Lauren Photography

Julia and Gil Photography

Justyna Bedford of Joel and Justyna

Tin Martin of TIN Wedding Photography

Leopoldo Sena of Sweetpapermedia

Tricia Victoria of Tricia Victoria Photography