50 Best Wedding Photos of 2017

Kuoloon Chong of Kompactfaen

As we reflect upon 2017, we also celebrate some of the finest wedding photographs that have been captured over the year. Junebug Weddings’ selection of the best wedding photos of 2017 features incredible imagery – including a few proudly taken by some of Singapore’s and our region’s very own photographers!  

A word from Singapore’s very own Kuoloon Chong of Kompactfaen on his winning photo…
“It was the first look of the day where the groom handed flowers over to his bride, and at that moment, the light fell on all the right places. It highlighted the contour of her smiles and her radiance beneath the veil. We're so glad that we managed to get such a shot and place Singapore's signature HDB on an international platform. Most of the entries have amazing views as backdrops and our common HDB living space can actually achieve the same effect! This simply highlights the importance, too, of being sensitive to light and contours wherever you are.”

Melanie Ng of Assemblage Photography

A word from Singapore’s very own Melanie Ng of Assemblage Photography on her winning photo…
"I really love this photograph because it was such a candid and unplanned moment. I was photographing Rasmus and Marie’s bridal portraits along the southern coast of Norway when it suddenly started pouring and their bridal party rushed forward with umbrellas. Marie’s bridesmaids helped arrange her dress so it would be perfect for the portraits. I quickly snapped this during the chaos and I love it even more than the photos I took after. Real life is so much more than perfectly curated moments and I love that this image shows what amazing friends these two have in their lives."

Ben Sowry of Ben Sowry Photo

JD Land of Two15 Photography

Oscar Castro of Oscar Castro Photography

Mario Tijerina of Mario Tijerina Photography

Steve Stemmler of Tara Lilly Photography

Ropate Kama of Kama Catch Me

Jeff Chang of Jeff and Cat of The Apartment Photography

Candice Anderson of Candice Marie Photography

Irina Florschutz of Irina and Matej

Erika Floor of In Bleed met Floor

Maddie Mae of Maddie Mae Adventure Elopement

Kyle Wilson of Hinterland Stills

Jessy Pesce of Bows & Lavender

Katie Forbis of Vein + Vessel

Jim Pollard of Pollard We Are

Cody Harris of CODY & ALLISON

Jake Mcanally of Whitney Justesen Photography

Benj Haisch

Eric Floberg 

Amy Painter of Amy Bluestar Photography

Kadek Artayasa of diktatphotography

Paul Woo of Wandering Woo

James Frost of James Frost Photography

James Broadbent of Chasewild

Soven Amatya of Photography by Soven

Filipa Rose of The Framers

Govinda Rumi of Terralogical

Nico Roscini and Vinx Ferrara of The Ferros

Helena and Laurent Martin of Helena and Laurent

Jacob Loafman

Tori Pintar

Anni Graham

Matteo Coltro of matrimony all’italiana

Levi Tijerina

Johanna Rosenlew of Johanna Rosenlew Photography

Joanna Jaskólska of Joanna Jaskólska Photography

Budy Pratama of Terralogical

Tim Kelly of Tim Kelly and Nadine Ellen

Chris Parkinson of Beneath the Pines

Alex Olguin of Olguin Photography

Darya Elfutina

Shari Vallely of Shari + Mike Photographers

Dan O’Day

Damien Milan of Damien Milan Photography

Tim O’Shea of Michaela Joy Photography

Naomi van der Kraan of KnowMe fotografie

Indra Permana Kantawibawa of ILUMINEN

Will Khoury of Will Khoury Photography


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