5 Things You Need to Know for a Picture-Perfect Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

The Wedding Scoop was proud to be the Official Media Partner for The Rebel Workshop in Kuala Lumpur with Rangefinder Rising Star – Qay of Weddings by Qay and founders of Dirty Boots and Messy HairMerve and Nils. Today we’re sharing some of the photos taken by Qay at the workshop along with 5 expert tips on how to get picture-perfect pre-wedding photos so your engagement photoshoot looks as magical as you feel.

Qay: Pre-wedding photoshoots should be fun!

1. Choose the correct photographer
This is the most crucial thing for your pre-wedding shoot. It’ll either turn out to be a good session or it won’t. Do your research to find the right photographer for you.

Check the photographer’s website (this is a must) or request for a full gallery viewing. Don’t choose photographers based on their Instagram feeds only. Instagram always showcases only the good images but not the entire session and when you view the whole session, it may not be what you want.

Make sure the photographer’s style and aesthetic fit your and your fiancé’s taste. NEVER ask a photographer to follow another photographer’s style. Trust your photographers when you hire them!


2. Budget
Once you have found a photographer that you love, get information on rates and availability and check if there are any extra charges such as travel, accommodation, etc.

If you choose to have an overseas session, you will need to pay for the photographer’s flight tickets and accommodation. Alternatively, search for photographers that will already be traveling there and try to fit yourself into their schedule. You will just need to pay for their session fees.

Don’t be cheap! A good photographer comes with a good price tag. Don't compare their rates with other photographers.


3. Location & Theme
Think of a theme that you want, such as “Love in The Busy City” or “Relaxing by The Beach”…there are many more. Choose something that fits both you and your fiancé’s personality.

Talk to your photographer about the location and theme, and they will be able to advise you on how best to make it work. Sometimes, it’s not all about the pretty places, it’s about the personality in the photos.


4. How to look good
Ladies, please think about your shoes as this is always overlooked. Pick the most suitable shoes for your theme and location.

Try to wear outfits that match your personalities, coordinate your outfits, and find a good overall look. Avoid striped outfits. Bring extra outfits just in case you need them.

Make sure you stay hydrated in order to look fresh for your photos. Get your beauty sleep the night before so you don’t have eyebags in the images.


5. Have fun!
Something I always emphasize to my clients is to have fun and be yourselves during the session. You want your photos to reflect your love and yourselves. Forget about the camera and the photographer. Treat it as just another date. Don’t worry about your looks too much, just own the awesomeness of being you. Put some effort into your session. Without a good team effort, the images won’t be as good as they could otherwise be.


Many thanks for your tips Qay! And to our lovely Wedding Scoopers, we hope each of you has a wondrous pre-wedding photoshoot oozing with joy, affection, and fun!


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