A Proposal Expert’s Top 8 Romantic Marriage Proposal Spots in Bali

Bali is everyone’s favourite regional wedding and proposal destination for so many reasons – quite apart from being gorgeous and ever-so-Instagrammable, Bali offers a wide range of exotic settings from forested mountains to sheer cliffsides and sunny beaches, and has excellent food and accommodation at prices ranging from affordable to ultra-luxe. So if you’re planning to surprise your loved one with an unforgettable proposal in Bali, make sure you check out these ideas from proposal planning experts LYNX Marriage Proposal.


1. Romantic beach dinner in the west part of the island (Seminyak, Uluwatu, Kayu Putih, Batubelig, etc.)

LYNX: This is an all-time favorite – a classic and romantic experience in every girl’s wish-list.

Things to consider:
- Bali has many spots for romantic beach dinners, but only beaches on the west side of the island will offer you a view of the sunset.
- Always prepare a back-up venue in case of inclement weather, and make sure your back-up venue is not too different in quality from your original plan.
- Exquisite decorations play an important role in building up the romantic atmosphere. Be sure to include her favorite things in your set-up.
- Beachfronts can be very windy, and decorations must be specially designed.
- Proposing with “just dinner” might be too mainstream and predictable, and you may want to create a unique proposal scenario to make the evening more exciting.
- Some of your activities might need permission from the heads of local villages.


2. Horseback riding proposal at Canggu beach

LYNX: Who wouldn’t want a proposal from a charming prince on a white horse?

Things to consider:
- We recommend that you see the horses and pre-select yours in advance. Unlike European horses, horses in Bali are much shorter and smaller. You’ll surely want the best-looking horse for your proposal, not look like you’re riding a donkey.
- If you are planning on additional decorative items or scenarios, be sure to consult with the horse caregiver to make sure the horse won’t get frightened.
- Tight trousers are strongly discouraged if you want to hop on and off the horse conveniently.


3. Pop it in the air on a scenic private helicopter tour

LYNX: What could possibly be more luxurious than a proposal involving a helicopter?

Things to consider:
- There might be many reasons why the helicopter may not be able to take off on schedule, so you must have a flexible date and time for your proposal. Do note that the helicopter will need to arrive back at the helipad before dark.
- That amazing moment when she says “Yes” in the air will be lost if there is no celebration once you land on the ground. Prepare a romantic lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, couple spa treatment, or a sweet hotel room decoration to celebrate your engagement perfectly.


4. Sailing trip on yacht or cruise

LYNX: A private space in the middle of the ocean is truly romantic.

Things to consider:
- Winds blow hard on a sailing yacht, and the sun can damage decorative items. Therefore, plan the décor wisely.
- Think about how to pop the question and find out the right time to do it. For example, propose once the yacht arrives at a particular spot with the best view, or create a scenario that leads her to the proposal inside the yacht, or have something happening outside of the yacht that can be seen from the front deck where you will kneel down on one knee.
- Take motion sickness pills as a precaution.


5. Underwater proposal in Tulamben

LYNX: Escape the crowd, indulge in a world under the sea, and propose among the colorful corals and fishes.

Things to consider:
- Whether you’re an expert or beginner, an underwater proposal should be accompanied by professional dive masters.
- Do not destroy the environment.
- Be careful about the ring. You might want to use a symbolic ring underwater and present the actual proposal ring later on.


6. Green proposal in the forest at Ubud

LYNX: If you and your other half value nature and tranquility, then this is perfect for you.

Things to consider:
- Getting permission to use spaces within national forests can be complicated. You may want to look for cafes or resorts in Ubud that can help to organize this.
- Logistics and coordination with vendors is the key to planning a surprise here.
- Mosquito repellent in your pocket is not a bad idea in case you need it.


7. Private villa

LYNX: If you value privacy above all else, then this is the proposal for you. A private villa or hotel room offers absolute privacy at the most economic cost.

Things to consider:
- Besides private villa from branded resorts, Bali also has abundant privately-owned villas for rent which often offer more space and better facilities at a cheaper price.
- Not all 5 stars hotels/resorts are willing to help facilitate the decoration process.
- Heavy decorations are needed to create ambience.
- If you bring big decorative items, you may need to access your villa through the service area, and get permission from the hotel manager in advance.
- Some hotels have restrictions on helium balloons
- Make sure the decorations will not damage the hotel’s properties.


8. Balinese signature architecture or elements

LYNX: To really feel the Balinese spirit and culture, consider proposing at Bali’s architectural landmarks like Ulun Danu Beratan, Besakih temple, Uluwatu temple, and Tirta Ganga temple.

Things to consider:
- Although it is the most iconic landmark of Bali, some people believe that Tanah Lot is a prohibited place for unmarried couples to visit alone and that there is a break-up curse there. This is a personal belief, but many people also believe that no matter what, the beauty of Tanah Lot is still worth a visit.
- Women on their menses are not allowed to enter the temple.
- As an alternative to Balinese architecture, traditional elements like Balinese umbrellas or paper lanterns are also a clear signature that the photo was taken in Bali.
- As these are mostly outdoor locations, back-up plans for rain, logistics of decorative items, and proposal scenarios, have to be very well planned.


Thank you LYNX, for your tips and recommendations! To our dear Wedding Scoopers, we wish you unforgettable proposals!


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