A Romantic and Ethereal Wedding at The Joyden Hall: Samuel and Brenda

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There are so many elements to this wedding which make it entirely unique! From a bride who chose to forego makeup, a "First Look" experience in lieu of a gatecrash and a dark auditorium transformed into a magical ceremony space, the celebration of Samuel and Brenda will certainly make you sit up and go, 'Wow!'

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Brenda married Samuel completely sans makeup! “It was important for me that I came to my husband au natural. No mascara, no make up. Completely organic. Of couse, that might be deemed as quite a bold and uncustomary approach; in fact almost queer and foreign to the wedding industry! But I have always been confident and grateful of how God has created me and Sam didn’t want to meet a woman who looked absolutely different and “plastic” on the most important day of his life. I came to him as such. And as tears of joy streamed down both our faces on several occasions, I didn’t have to mask any apprehension over mascara smudges and smears.” ~ Brenda

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"I didn’t have a gatecrash which shocked my friends because I was known to be sadistic and fond of such games. Instead, as Sam and I really wanted to have a poignant and private “moment” together in the morning before the start of a typically packed Singaporean wedding, we opted for a “First Look” experience. He had never seen me in my dress. So my wedding party blindfolded him, brought him to a local ranch and we had our private time together. It was so special! ~ Brenda

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“My cousin Dianne is one amazing woman. She absolutely adores decorating and DIYed almost everything at the foyer! She bought taupe and cream drapes from Ikea and hung them throughout the foyer with Christmas lights – creating a soft, romantic and ethereal look. She also handpainted many large portrait frames and hung them around the walls to create a slight “museum-ish” feel.” ~ Brenda

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Brenda served her favourite gelato at her wedding as they have a mobile cart that can be hired for events. It was such a hit with guests that the queue stretched over 15 metres long!

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The Story
Samuel and Brenda met in church and were friends for 6 years before they began courting.

“The funny thing was, I was an MGS girl and he was an ACS boy. By tradition, our brother and sister school connections has sprung forth many married couples. But I remember that at 16, I told my best friend that I would never ever date an ACS boy, much less marry one. A decade later however, I was walking down the aisle towards the former head-prefect of ACS Barker Road, the very epitome of an ACS boy!” ~ Brenda

Samuel actually proposed to Brenda not once but twice!

“The first time was at his grandma’s house but I wasn’t impressed. He sensed my disappointment and proposed a second time at Botanic Gardens via a series of puzzles.” ~ Brenda

The Wedding
The colour palette for Samuel and Brenda’s wedding included blush, burnish gold, copper, taupe, cream and dark rose hues. It was meant to be a reflection of romance.

“I wasn’t your average cookie-cutter bride. Not because I had anything against your traditional or glossy weddings, but that I relished the chance of getting personal with the artistic process of it. Although others may have dreaded it, the process of wedding planning felt like one giant cauldron of creativity for me. If I could describe my wedding, it would probably be a series of juxtaposed words. Words like: organic-elegance, Ralph Lauren-meets-Jane Austen, dreamy-romantic. Coming from a close-knit family church, my solemnization attendance required me to source for a 400-seater venue and beyond. It never occurred to me that my ceremony could have taken place in a dark auditorium. But it was something “new” and “different” which was tantalizingly fun. The wedding was DIY not because I personally created each décor item. But I loved to “source” for unique ideas from all sorts of places. Overseas, online, industrial parks. You name it.

In this wedding – what Amazon is to book lovers is what Etsy is to me. Via Etsy, I bought my wedding pom poms from DecorWorld. I bought my photobooth background props from Kelsey's Treasure. I bought my wedding favour crates from some very “ulu” industrial factory in Ubi. I literally walked into this old factory filled with pyres of wood and ordered 8 custom crates.” ~ Brenda

The bride was similarly excited when planning for the wedding favours.

“Growing up in Singapore, I witnessed the transition of wedding favour ideas - from fruit cake, to chocolate ganache balls to heart-shaped measuring spoons. Nothing wrong with them, but I didn’t want to see disappointed faces because I couldn’t please guests from all generations. Being a lover of organic, natural and DIY products, instead of opting for one generic favour, I thought to create a series of rustic ones! For the kids & teens, I imported daffy apple caramel kits from the States and had my wedding party assemble them. For my young adults, I thought of something unique and meaningful. I work as a Corp Comms Executive at the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS). My adult beneficiaries have started a baking social enterprise and I thought, “Why not make organic chocolate chip oatmeal cookies as part of the favour ensemble?” The proceeds go to a good cause! They packed them beautifully from glass jars I bought at Medtra. For my older adults and seniors, I thought of something rather exciting. They tend to love plants and I thought about how cool it would be to give them each an herb pot. So I contacted a hydroponic farm in Singapore (Oh Chin Huat Farms) to deliver about 80 over pots of various herbs (rosemary, basil, laksa, oregano, dill & mint) to my wedding venue. My friends then helped me to assemble them.” ~ Brenda

Samuel and Brenda's advice to couples planning their weddings?

"Look beyond the obvious wedding vendors in Singapore. To personalize your weddings and save – you might be surprised that gems can be found in the most “ulu” of places in Singapore and even abroad!"


Congratulations on your marriage Samuel and Brenda! May it be every bit as beautiful as your wedding!




Vendor Information
Venue: Morning photo session at Bukit Timah Saddle Club, ceremony and reception at The Joyden Hall at Bugis+
Photography: Ting, Lightedpixels Pixies
Wedding Dress: Time Taken To Make A Dress
Bridesmaids' Outfits: Tops from Topshop, belts from Bershka and custom-made skirts from Taobao
Groom's Suit: Kingsmen Exclusive Menswear Shop
Groomsmens' Outfits: Blazers from Gmarket and bowties from The Tie Bar
Hair: Kacey Teh
Flowers and Decor: Floral Magic
Wedding Planner: The bride's cousin, Dianne Woo
Stationery: Jodi Cherry via Etsy (Jodi created the invitation using a combination of water colours and fabric and paper embroidery. The invitation was handstitched and then the design was scanned and mass printed. The original was sent to the bride as a keepsake.)
Cake: Made by Samuel's cousin
Wedding Favours: Caramel apples, organic cookies and herb pots (see bride's description above)
Catering: Gustos Pte Ltd
Mobile Gelato Cart: Alfero Gelato
Videography: Createurs Productions
Car Rental: Siang Hock Rental