A Spanish Elopement: Darren and Christine

“The sparkle in her eyes, the glow on her face when she laughs, the frown she wears when in thought; never would I have imagined that girl who captivated me at first sight would go on to become my wife, my companion for life, my best friend and soul mate.” ~ Darren

We couldn’t think of a more beautiful way to begin the feature than with this passionate declaration from Darren about his wife, Christine. Their story has its roots in Singapore and continued on in Spain where they chose to have their wedding ceremony…just the two of them.

The Story
Darren and Christine were both born in the same hospital in the same year and lived in close proximity (less than a kilometer) from one another. As fate would have it, they only met 27 years later when they both signed up for the same Masters programme at Singapore Management University. Darren proposed to Christine exactly 800 days after their first meeting during the varsity’s Photo Day held at their graduation.

“While I was engrossed in taking photos with the group of friends of whom Darren dearly refers to as his entourage, a few events had already taken place in the background. One, Darren had quietly slipped away from the group. Two, cameras from far away had begun rolling and were zooming in on me. Three, there were people already taking cover behind the pillars, getting ready for action.

Of course I had no clue what was going on back then until a complete stranger came up to me and handed me a card. She said nothing and walked away right after. I was puzzled and to be honest I did not even glance down at what was written on the card! Shortly after, another stranger came my way and again, another card was handed to me; nothing said except this time he had a big wide smile on his face. It was not until I was handed the third card by one of our classmates that I realized I was actually being handed stanzas of an elaborate poem that Darren had written for me.

From the ground floor to the second then the third, I was led around the school as one familiar face after another popped out from their hiding places and passed a card to me. And so from strangers to classmates to good friends, I learnt later that the sequence through which the cards were handed to me symbolized the evolution of our relationship.

Then came the biggest and most unexpected surprise at the end – my mother! She lied that she had to work that day and even pretended to leave home for work, yet there she was, standing by the door of the seminar room, holding up the final card.

I could not have asked for a better thought-out and planned proposal, aptly titled ‘Poetry in Motion’.” ~ Christine

The Wedding
The couple describe their union as a “simple, heartfelt and romantic modern day elopement”. Their wedding in Spain took them an entire year to coordinate and they recounted that it was no easy feat planning a wedding from so far away.

“We wanted something different, something that was understated yet peering through the novelty and subtlety of it all, our love would take center stage and that was exactly what we got. It started out as an idea that was a tad crazy at the beginning but on hindsight, it will definitely go down as one of the best decisions we've ever make as a couple. We kept everything really simple and focused on the most meaningful bit of the wedding - the both of us; the less we focused on the other things, the more it allowed us to focus on each other.” ~ Darren

Their advice to couples planning their weddings?

“Treat the planning of your wedding as the first challenge for both of you as a couple. Be patient and understanding during this time but always remember to keep the end goal in mind – the wedding is merely a day in your life but marriage is for a lifetime! Yes, you will face restrictions from parents, you will face budget constraints, and the things that you hope won’t go wrong might just go wrong. Take a deep breath, carry on and know this – all of these little sub-plots will be what the both of you will be talking about long after your wedding day and not the color of your shoes or the decorations on the car. Go on and plan for a wedding that belongs to both of you, but we cannot emphasize enough that you should always keep in mind that this is only the beginning to a lifetime together.”


Congratulations on your marriage Darren and Christine! May it be every bit as beautiful as your wedding!




Vendor Information
Photography: Franciso Rosso
Wedding Location: Marbella, Spain
Venue: Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación de Marbella (Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation)
Hotel: Casa la Concha
Bride’s Gown: White One by Pronovias, rented from Blessed Brides (based in Singapore)
Bride’s Shoes: Bettye Muller
Hair and Make-up: Bridal Beauty Bloom
Wedding Planning and Flowers: Reviva Weddings
Videography: Estamosgrabando