Aaron and Ming Ming’s Galaxy-Themed Wedding at JW Marriott South Beach, Singapore

After more than a decade of dating, Aaron and Ming Ming decided to make things official. For their pre-wedding shoot, they visited South Korea to capture a set of K drama-inspired photos (by Seoul-based Roi Studio), as well as New Zealand for its stunningly scenic backdrops (by Wellington-based Kent Yu Photography).

Back in Singapore, the couple threw a spectacular galaxy-themed bash at the JW Marriott South Beach grand ballroom. Captured by Multifolds and Just Married Films and styled by InvitedSG, the wedding featured a larger-than-life stage backdrop featuring stars and constellations, while black tablecloths and chairs and lush floral arrangements added a touch of drama and intrigue. What’s more, the bride’s gorgeous custom gowns also featured galaxy-themed elements!

Here are some photos from Aaron and Ming Ming’s pre-wedding shoot in Korea:

Here are some photos from Aaron and Ming Ming’s pre-wedding shoot in New Zealand:

How did you meet and fall in love?
“We met almost 15 years ago at a high school community involvement project, and kept in touch on MSN (so old school right!) 4 years after the project, Aaron mustered the courage to ask me out, and we started dating from 2008. Can’t believe we have been together for almost 11 years!!” ~ Ming Ming 

How did Aaron propose?
“Aaron asked my best friend’s fiance to pretend that he was planning a pre-wedding surprise for my best friend. I was part of the planning process, and I found out that the surprise was meant for me on the actual day itself, when I saw the video montage displaying photos of Aaron and I!

The proposal took place at the Botanic Gardens, where Aaron decorated a pavilion from scratch with fairy lights. He also made a video of our decade-long relationship, which gave us a walk down memory lane. It was so sweet, and we had the honour of having our best friends witness the moment. The proposal took place one day before our 10th anniversary, which we celebrated as fiancé and fiancée.” ~ Ming Ming 

What was your wedding’s theme/style/colour palette?
“We saw the JW Marriott grand ballroom’s ceiling light installations, and the colours reminded us of the the Milky Way/galaxy. Given that the galaxy is also a symbol of eternity, we decided on it as our wedding theme. The colours of our wedding were an ombré mix of blue, purple and pink, with shiny metallic hues of gold. We left much of the wedding decorations to the imagination of Loretta from InvitedSG, and were in awe with the structural weaves and floral accents she chose to bring out in keeping with the galaxy theme. The design of the wedding gown and evening dress also incorporated elements of stars and shimmery accents to tie in with the overall theme.” ~ Aaron and Ming Ming 

What are some of your favorite memories from the Big Day?
“During the morning gatecrash, we had the groom dress up as Ash Ketchum and his groomsmen as Pokémon characters. The whole idea was to have Ash Ketchum complete a series of task to “catch the heart” of the bride. It was one of the most crazy and epic things we have done, and it is something we will always laugh about when we look back at the photos.

The most emotional moment had to be when we were exchanging our vows during the solemnisation. Saying our personally written vows in front of our family and best friends was a magical moment which we will always remember dearly. 

All in all, the wedding was not only a celebration of a new milestone but also the celebration of people who contributed to who we are. It really means the world to us that our loved ones, family and friends (some of them who travelled from overseas) gathered together to celebrate our big day.” ~ Aaron and Ming Ming

Any wedding planning advice for other brides and grooms-to-be?
“My advice can be summarize as SET:
S - Start early if you can, make a checklist and plan your budget
E - Employ the help of your family and close friends, or even external vendors if you can’t handle it all
T- Take a chill pill on your wedding day and enjoy the moment!
And with that, you should be all SET!“
~ Ming Ming

Any tips or advice on what you think makes a strong marriage?
“We read this somewhere and think it makes a lot of sense: “Marriage isn’t just about having a beautiful wedding celebration. Marriage is working long hours and yet having to do house chores at the end of the day, fighting through struggles, working out differences, paying bills, keeping the faith and staying through it all”. A lasting relationship is really about compromise, trust, and being there for each other through thick and thin.“ ~ Aaron and Ming Ming


Congratulations on your marriage, Aaron and Ming Ming! May it be every bit as beautiful as your wedding!



Vendor Information
Number of guests: 280
Venue: JW Marriott South Beach
Photography: Multifolds
Videography: Just Married Films
Pre Wedding Shoot: Roi Studio (South Korea) and Kent Yu Photography (New Zealand)
Wedding Dresses: Made-to-measure wedding gown by Rico A Mona, made-to-measure evening gown by Alisha & Lace
Hair and Make-up: Adeline Ariel
Styling and Decorations: InvitedSG
Flowers: Skinnyblooms
Wedding Favours: Dreamweavers
Stationery/Paper Goods: Dreamweavers
Cake/Dessert: Creme Maison Bakery
Entertainment/Emcee: FM 933 Radio DJ Chen Ning and Guthrie Kesavan; live band from The Wedding Music Company