Aloysius and Melissa's Elegant Wedding at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

This has got to be one of the most challenging real wedding features we have had but in a GOOD, no scratch that, FABULOUS way! There were just so many amazing photos capturing the couple’s special moments (one of our favourites has to be the bride and her mum giving their dad a kiss) and so much to be inspired by that it was a real task narrowing them down! We love this couple’s idea of having a pre-wedding breakfast, the bride’s beautiful illusion back gown, the striking blue paper crane curtain backdrop, the balloons with photos attached to them for guests to peruse during pre-dinner cocktails and the list just goes on…

The Story
Aloysius and Melissa were schoolmates in University. He was a year her senior and they were both actively involved in the Students’ Union. While he had always found her cute, she never really saw him as being “her type”. However, they maintained contact as friends even after graduation and a fateful Facebook message from him one day sparked a series of text messages, casual lunches and group outings, and Melissa gradually realised there was more to Aloysius than met the eye!

Aloysius proposed to Melissa by surprising her on the pretext of going kite flying. As they sat in the car in the parking lot, he gave her a scrapbook setting out 40 reasons why he loves her. The 40th reason was hidden in the boot of the car. As she opened it, out flew a dozen balloons (she loves balloons)! He then whipped out the ring and asked her to marry him! 

“She barely noticed the ring, all the while fixated on the balloons that floated higher and higher. She said yes, eventually, and I gave her the 40th reason - that she made me want to grow old with her.” ~ Aloysius 

The Wedding 
Instead of engaging a wedding planner, Aloysius and Melissa decided to make their wedding more memorable by adding their own personal touch and created many of the beautiful wedding decorations themselves.

The couple eschewed the typical gate crash, opting instead to have breakfast with the bridal party in Melissa's garden. She wanted to relax and enjoy the company of her family, husband-to-be and good friends before leaving her maiden home. Melissa decorated the front porch of her house with the help of her dad, who constructed the wooden "photo frame" and other wooden decorations.

The backdrop at the solemnisation ceremony was a curtain made up of a flock of paper cranes. Each crane was painstakingly folded by the bridesmaids, and strung together by the groomsmen and the couple. At the solemnisation venue, instead of having a witness from each side, the couple decided to cater special seats for both sets of parents. There was also a candy bar at the solemnisation venue where the couple served cupcakes, marshmallows and sweets.

At the dinner reception, bird cages were used as red packet boxes in keeping with the theme of the wedding. The couple decided to do away with the usual childhood montage, and hung their childhood photos on balloons in the reception area.

Their advice to couples planning their weddings?

"Enjoy the big day! It is the summation of an entire year of wedding planning, gown fitting, photo taking, food tasting, et cetera, and it will be over in the blink of an eye. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen are there to help you, so leave things in their hands and leave the worrying to them. Don't fret if things don't go according to plan. Many things are not within your control, but you can control how you react to things. Even the most well thought-out plans are susceptible to screw-ups - it would be a shame if you let it screw up your mood too!"


Congratulations Aloysius and Melissa!




Vendor Information 
Photography: Ting Wang from Lightedpixels Pixies
Venue: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
Bride’s Solemnisation Dress: Seamstress Kim, Tampines St 21 Blk 246 #11-359, Tel: 9647 8146 
Wedding Dress: The Wedding Present
Mint Coloured Evening Gown: Olive Suite
Cheongsam: Iris & Edel, 211 New Bridge Road Singapore 059432, Tel: 6227 3490 
Groom’s Solemnisation Suit: Benjamin Barker
Groom’s Suit: The Wedding Present
Bridesmaid Dresses: Pearlavish
Cupcakes: Carnival and Co.
Flowers for the Solemnisation: One Olive
String Quartet: Music Inc.