An Elegant Wedding at The Fullerton Hotel: Ryan + Jessica


We couldn’t be happier to bring you the wedding of the endearingly comedic couple Ryan and Jessica. Their elegant nuptials and dinner reception were held at The Straits Room in Fullerton Hotel Singapore and shot by AndroidsinBoots. The best part? It looks like the couple’s friends share their fun-loving spirits, making the big day twice the fun!




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What was the wedding planning process like?
"We tried to put as much thought as possible into planning the wedding and wanted it to represent us as two individuals coming together and having a great time. My dress was designed by me and the material and embellishments were hand-picked by my best friend. It became a bit of a nightmare at one point because it almost looked like I wanted to look like a princess so we eventually had to cut it back down to what suited me best. Ryan planned the event flow with the hotel and arranged the music with his best friend as he was very particular about it. We definitely put in a lot of effort for that one night. We tried to make the three hour long event look as effortless as possible, but I think inside we were all freaking out the whole time.

Being an only child meant learning how to do a lot of things on my own. I think it’s because of that that I can seem like a micromanage too much, but it's really only because I don't want to trouble the people around me. My friends definitely see that, and my mom especially. She's my pillar and the reason behind anything I do, because I want to make her proud and happy. She and my circle of close friends feed off that energy so I always feel the need to be in control, but this was the one time I let go and let them take charge instead. It was really, really nice." ~ Jessica

About Jessica's search for perfect bridal makeup...
"Jessica went through a lot of makeup artist referrals and recommendations but it was like finding a needle in a haystack especially when she has sensitive skin and is particular with how her make up is done. In the end, she decided to do it on her own as she knew what sort of colours her face can and cannot take. Rozz, Ryan's sister came into the picture when she helped Jessica do her makeup during a family portrait. Rozz knew exactly how dramatic she likes it to be and on top of that, she used Jessica's own products. So eventually Rozz became her makeup artist and it was great having her sister-in-law do her makeup. It meant a lot to Jessica and it was precious to have the important people be directly involved on her wedding day."
~ Wilson, AndroidsinBoots

About those breathtaking bouquets…
Jessica wanted a wild and rustic look for her big day, so her florist (and ex-colleague) used peonies, baby’s breath and forget-me-nots because they symbolise happiness, purity and remembrance. They are also flowers that bloom in spring, and are thus omens of good fortune in marriage." ~ Wilson, AndroidsinBoots

A word from the photographer/videographer:
“Ryan and Jessica allowed us to enter their world and showed us exactly who they are. They were totally candid with us about everything they did or felt. And even though both of them are in the creative industry, they gave us all the space we needed to do what we do and they let us use our own voices by letting us interpret their story. It’s great that our friendship still continues even after the wedding; every now and then, they still come by and visit us in our office."


Congratulations on your marriage Ryan and Jessica! May it be every bit as beautiful as your wedding!




Vendor information
Photography: AndroidsinBoots
Venue: The Straits Room, Fullerton Hotel Singapore
Gowns: Cole Koh and Kim (home-based seamstress)
Groom's Suit: Benjamin Parker
Heels: Steve Madden
Makeup: Rosalyn Lee "Rozz", Jessica’s sister-in-law
Hand Bouquet and Boutonnières: Jessica's friend
The Straits Room Florals: Mirage Flowers
Entertainment: Michaela Therese
Videography: AndroidsinBoots