An Interview With Instagram Darling, Baker Vickie Liu

Everyone has probably already seen Vickie Liu’s work on their Instagram feed at some point, and with snaps as cute as these, it’s certainly no surprise! A self-proclaimed amateur baker and professional eater, Vickie (@vickiee_yo) has charmed the socks off thousands with her adorable creations, which range from character-themed donuts to food-shaped cookies, with sweet puns sprinkled into the mix. Today, we sit down with the Melbourne-based baker extraordinaire to find out what goes on behind her darling confections.

TWS: Please tell us a little bit about yourself. 
Vickie: I am a baker and creative from Melbourne, Australia! I studied Architecture in university and completed a diploma course in Interior Design, but I lacked passion for that industry. Baking became my creative outlet, and since then it has grown to become so much more than I would have imagined!

TWS: How did you get started baking and documenting your bakes on Instagram?
Vickie: It was kind of an accident! I created my Instagram account after I graduated from university, and it began as a personal space to share some photos of my travels, etc. When I started to experiment with baking, I shared those snaps too – and it just took off from there.

TWS: We love seeing all your creations on your Instagram page! What's a typical day like for you? 
Vickie: Thank you! My daily schedule changes depending on what content creation jobs I have lined up, or how many orders I’m taking that week. One day I might be baking for 10 hours, another day I might be catching up on emails, and shooting and editing for a blog post. I love that my schedule isn’t really that repetitive, which keeps things more exciting.

TWS: Your photos are always so bright and colourful! What do you use to take and edit your snaps and can you take us through your process?
Vickie: I actually just use my Samsung phone most of the time. The phone camera doesn’t take images with the best quality so natural lighting is key! I don’t have any fancy set ups – usually I just use a big white board (sometimes with the addition of coloured paper on top of it), which I place next to a large window. 

For photo editing, I usually use VSCO to increase brightness, add a bit of contrast and tweak the temperature if necessary. Sometimes I skip VSCO entirely, and edit straight on the Instagram app!

TWS: Where do you find inspiration for your next baking project?
Vickie: From anywhere really! I take inspiration from art and design, things I see on the streets, pop culture, other creatives… the list goes on. I also have a ‘to bake’ list which is constantly growing. (laughs)

Additionally, I take orders, so a customer might request a specific design style or theme I’ve never experimented with – and I start brainstorming from there. 

TWS: What's your absolute favourite thing to bake and what's your most popular post to date?
Vickie: I love baking a simple red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting! I don’t take many cake orders though, and don’t actually even bake cakes that often. With regards to decorating, I love coming up with different donut designs – such as the set of Pokemon ones I recently made – which happens to be my most popular post to date.

TWS: Why do you love puns? Are you a big ol’ romantic at heart?
Vickie: I suppose I may be? (laughs) I also just think it’s because most people can relate in some way. The puns don’t always have to be directed to a significant other, but any loved one! 

TWS: Please tell us about your most fun collaboration.
Vickie: Oh this is a tough one, as there are too many to choose from! I’m currently working on something for Pocky though, which is a childhood dream come true – so that’s one to keep your eyes out for.

TWS: Do you take orders for your bakes?
Vickie: Yes I do!

TWS: Why do you think your Instagram account has struck a chord with so many people?
Vickie: Because Instagram is based on visual content, it is a lot easier to attract attention with a cute, vibrant photo. Food is also relatable (because who doesn’t love food?), so I think that has played a crucial role in the growth of my account.

TWS: On your profile it says you're an amateur baker but a professional eater. What's your go-to comfort food?
Vickie: Oh man, am I only allowed to pick one? I’ll have to say something super simple like hot chips. I’m pretty much always craving some. (laughs) 

TWS: What's next for you?
Vickie: I’m currently working on my website, which I have been putting off for way too long. I’m aiming to launch in early September if everything goes as planned! I’ll be posting more than just baking tutorials on there. I would also like to start making YouTube videos as I get so many requests from my followers – but that’s probably farther down the road.

TWS: Lastly, any tips for fellow amateur bakers and creatives out there and how can they go about growing a strong following on social media?
Vickie: Stick with a theme, take photos with natural lighting and have fun! Also, try and engage with your followers as much as you can, whether it’s asking questions in the caption, or replying to comments, etc. Growing a strong following will take time, but it is all worth it in the end.



Thank you for sharing your thoughts, tips and tricks with us, Vickie!