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An Interview with Samuel from Pixioo Photography


A self-taught photographer whose first foray into wedding photography was at his brother’s nuptials, Samuel of Pixioo Photography speaks with us today about his joyful and candid approach towards shooting and shares some of his most memorable captures.



Getting to know Samuel


Samuel Ng

TWS: First, let's start with an introduction. Please tell us a little bit about yourself; your interests and what you enjoy doing in your free time.

Samuel: Three simple words that describe me: quirky, cheerful, candid. I dedicate my free time to my family whom I treasure, especially after the birth of my little boy as I do not want to miss his growing up process. They are my motivation that keeps me going.

TWS: How did you get into wedding photography?

Samuel: I started shooting birthday events for young children 2 years ago. Then, my brother approached me to shoot his wedding even though I did not have any experience in wedding photograhy. My interest in wedding photography sparked from there. It wasn’t an easy journey as I was self-taught. I continue to always find opportunities to learn from all apsects of life and resources that I can find.

TWS: Who or what inspires you?

Samuel: Many photographers inspire me with their work and make me believe that there are actually many possiblities for exhibiting creativity and to leave beautiful imprints in people's lives.

TWS: What would you say has been your favourite engagement or wedding experience and why?

Samuel: It really took me a long time to think of an answer this question as every wedding experience to me is unique. If I absolutely had to pick one, it would be the solemnisation of a couple who have been together for ten years and coincidently, the bride also happens to be a friend of my wife. The wedding was set in a garden and the decorations were all handmade by the bride herself. The weather was awesome as the morning sun shone down so beautifully during the whole solemisation. The event was filled with many emotions as the love story of this couple was shared with their guests and the couple even pinned down a message for each and every guest on a postcard which was hung on a tree.

Question 4.1

Question 4.2

TWS: Describe your wedding photography and shooting style in less than 8 adjectives.

Samuel: My shooting style depicts my personality - simplistic, blissful, joyous and candid!



TWS: What are some of your top tips for helping couples get confident and comfortable in front of the camera?

Samuel: Interaction with couples is essential and understanding their lifestyle and personality definitely plays a part also. Cracking silly jokes and just being happy is what it takes!








TWS: What would your dream photo shoot or wedding entail and where do you want to shoot next?

Samuel: So far, I have not had the opportunity to capture a wedding by the beach with a beautiful sunset setting. I would like to venture into destination wedding photography as well. 




TWS: Tell us about a favourite image that you’ve taken lately.

Samuel: This is one of my favourite photos that I have taken recently. The sunlight, happiness, posture, smile - everything was captured at the right moment.

Question 8

TWS: Tell us one thing that photographers really appreciate that most couples may not know about.

Samuel: I really appreciate when couples enjoy my work. I am very touched and happy whenever I receive comments and feedback from couples that they really love my captures. It is definitely hard work to come up with all the final products but at the end of the day, I feel that it’s all worth it when my works are greatly appreciated.




TWS: What questions should our readers ask when meeting photographers for the first time and how should they decide who to pick?

Samuel: Different photographers have different photography and working styles and it will be good if couples are clear about what they really want and not hesitate to bring it forward to the photographer. Do not be afraid to ask whatever questions you may have. I guess the most important factor in deciding who to pick would be the level of comfort the couples have with the photographer during the first meetup.





TWS: Are you married? If so, please tell us a little bit about your wedding and what wedding advice do you have for our readers?

Samuel: My wife and I believe in simplicity and we feel that weddings need not be grand to be memorable. Although we did not have a grand setting, we still feel that our wedding was a warm and cosy one as we celebrated our special day with people that we love and care for. There are bound to be ups and downs during the planning process or even on the actual day itself but there is no use getting all stressed up as it’s not going to help. It’s also important to have a supportive bridal party you can count on to help you out as they will play a very important part on your wedding day.

Question 11

Samuel with his lovely wife at their wedding.

TWS: How do you go about pushing yourself creatively, and raising the bar for yourself?

Samuel: Getting inspiration from all sources, challenging myself with new perspectives and daring to try and be different.





What's in Samuel's bag


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Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 II, Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 IS2, Canon Mk3, Canon Mk2, Canon EF 50mm f1.4, 50mm macro, Yongnuo Flash, flash trigger.




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Photography: Samuel, Pixioo Photography, 27B Jalan Membina, Singapore 164027


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