Anand and Ghirijah’s Chic Rooftop Solemnisation in Ipoh, Malaysia

Talk about a modern-day romance! Anand and Ghirijah fell head over heels for each other after chancing upon each other’s Instagram profiles. After dating long-distance, the couple tied the knot in an intimate celebration at the WEIL Hotel’s outdoor rooftop lawn in Ipoh, Malaysia.

Captured by Vinoth Raj Pillai Photography and Caliber Creation, and decorated by Wedding and You, the couple vowed their eternal love for each other before their closest family and friends. After placing fresh floral garlands made of white and pastel pink roses around each other’s necks, they strode down the aisle as husband and wife.

How did you meet each other?
“Like how every couple does, you know, on Instagram, no? Kidding! Well, that’s how we stumbled upon each other. After years of not really seeing anyone, my better half was not only open to getting to know people, but also thought that he would put his foot on the pedal in his search for someone who he would want to have as his significant other.

I was relatively new to Instagram at that point in time, but I was pretty open to talking to anybody who would be worth getting to know. So, his two-week work training at that time happened to bring him to my town, and there I was appearing in the ‘Explore’ section on his Instagram app. I caught his eye and he thought I was somewhat interesting as a person. So, he made his approach by what he calls “standing out against the rest” – instead of just liking the most recent photo I posted, he liked two others that he felt were significant in what defined me as a person just to get my attention. I must say, though, that it did work.

Curious and intrigued after going through his profile, I did the same on his. That led to us following each other, and he was quite smart in staying mysterious and playing it cool – just enough to keep me interested – by uploading photos that indicated that he was in the same town as I was at that time. And what do you know? I fell for that and actually commented on one of his smart uploads, which were of these interesting and hipster coffee houses every night. So, succeeding in getting my attention in the politest manner, he replied to my comment, we started texting each other and I guess here we are!” ~ Ghirijah

How did Anand propose?
“Up to the final execution of the proposal, every time I brought the topic up randomly, there had been mixed signals as to how her dream proposal should be like (I know, women, right?!).

Finally, an opportunity came up to pull it off in the most unsuspicious manner. It all started when we had to plan a trip to Seoul, South Korea, for her sister’s graduation, with her whole family and me. As we would already be travelling to Seoul, she suggested that we could extend our holiday and visit another place called Jeju Island on our own before returning back home. That is when the idea started developing.

As how our other travels have been, we have always had a memory of us at that place in the form of really good pictures. Therefore, Ghirijah and I opted for a photography day tour on the first day at the island. I privately approached the tour person we hired for our trip and told him my idea of proposing on the photography tour day. He was helpful and we put the plan in place.

I had huge support in the form of Ghirijah’s mother, who was equally great in ensuring Ghirijah looked perfect (i.e. dress, shoes, nails, hair etc.) for her big photoshoot surprise. The best part of all: the bride was not left out. She actually took part in the choice of the venue (as we decided on the photoshoot locations together) and she unknowingly helped me hold onto the ring in our hand luggage through the airports!

After all of that, the objective was achieved, and she said “yes” as I proposed in the middle of a beautiful photo-worthy snow-laden forest – just the two of us with the photographer capturing exactly what I wanted to have in the frames.” ~Anand

What was the theme/style/colour palette of your solemnisation?
We opted for a romantic pastel theme for the guest and ourselves. The guests were dressed casually while we were in our traditional costumes, all in pastel colours. This theme blended with our morning English-styled solemnization/civil wedding and we were happy that everyone looked amazing that day.”  ~ Anand and Ghirijah

How did you decorate your venue? Did you undertake any DIY projects?
“The venue was decorated straight out of inspiration from Pinterest. The venue came with its own decorations, but the detailed items were mostly DIY, such as the choice of chairs, the arches, the making of the paddle programme, the mint favours and paper parasols. Anand’s mother specially did our garlands, which were also DIY. We wanted a personal touch for the wedding.” ~ Anand and Ghirijah

What sort of wedding favours did you opt for, and why?
“Besides the mint favours, paper parasols were made as wedding favours for each guest and specially crafted with our initials. We wanted our friends and family to remember our special day. Also, the paper parasols were meant to provide shade from the morning sun. We were just grateful that it did not rain that morning because we don’t think it would have been of much help then!” ~ Anand and Ghirijah

Any special stories relating to your wedding or engagement?
“We have been a LDR couple (i.e. Ghirijah being a pharmacist in Ipoh, Perak and Anand in an oilfield based in Miri, Sarawak) all this while, with both of us not really having the chance to meet each other’s friends and even family. This event was planned as a celebration and a get-together with some of our closest friends and family.” ~ Anand and Ghirijah

Any tips or wedding advice you have for other brides and grooms to-be?
“As amazing as the wedding looked, we actually got a sweet deal in making it look and feel as beautiful as it was. With detailed research and planning, we opted for this place that offered great value for the number of people that we had in mind. The rest? DIY (which gave us great satisfaction because of our own personal touches).“ ~ Anand and Ghirijah

Any tips or advice on what you think makes a strong marriage?
“After experiencing the LDR situation, it is so good to have someone to return home to. That is something that we have always cherished, to have that someone all the time. Love, trust and complete each other. She can have her makeup buying time and he can have his BPL watching time! Just don’t steal the other person’s favourite food while he or she is eating it.” ~ Anand and Ghirijah


Congratulations on your marriage, Anand and Ghirijah! May it be every bit as beautiful as your wedding!



Vendor Information
Venue: WEIL Hotel, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Number of Guests: 50
Photography: Vinoth Raj Pillai Photography
Videography: Caliber Creation
Flowers: Maryamflwrs
Décor: Wedding and You
Jewellery: Kundan Sets
Wedding Invitations/Paddle Program: DIY by bride & groom, printing by Kad Impian
Food: Canapés by WEIL Hotel
Beverages: Moët & Chandon