Andrew and Natalie’s Disco-Themed Socially Conscious Wedding

We’re calling it: Romance is not dead. Just take Andrew, who surprised his beloved girlfriend Natalie by playing a sexy tune on the saxophone during his proposal (which The Wedding Scoop helped to pull off). He then showed off his singing chops during their wedding by performing a solo with his saxophone teacher as accompaniment. How utterly sweet!

The happy couple’s Big Day, held at The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore, planned by The Wedding Stylist and captured by Super Panda Presents and redsheep, was a special and unique celebration in many ways. Their solemnisation backdrop featured a neon sign blazing the words “You Will Never Walk Alone” as a tribute to the groom’s favourite football club. The ballroom, meanwhile, was completely made over with glittery disco balls displayed all across the stage. And while the custom wedding rings they created looked starkly different from each other, they were cleverly designed to fit perfectly together.

There was also a socially conscious aspect to their nuptials: Wedding favours comprised cookies baked by The Association for People with Special Needs (ASPN), and the flowers used for décor were donated to elderly patients by Refresh Flowers.

What was the theme/style/colour palette of your solemnisation and wedding? 
“Our theme was inspired by our very first date at a drive-in cinema. As we were having a traditional Chinese banquet, we wanted our theme to be less conventional and more importantly, meaningful to us. We also hoped our décor would help us to achieve the ambience of an intimate wedding despite our big guest list.

Our planner Wenxin and invitation designer Pearlyn (the first two people we started working with) ran with this idea and used an open cinema’s starry night sky as inspiration. We played with a mix of long and round tables for our layout. We added mood lighting and fun elements like a neon sign and disco balls to make the venue feel less formal. Wenxin also gave the concept a tropical spin, throwing in lots of greenery with a touch of blush and lilac.” ~ Andrew and Natalie

What were some unique or personal touches at your wedding?
“Andrew decided to get married in a 30-year-old vintage houndstooth suit jacket that his dad had passed down to him, and it just made the ceremony that much more meaningful.

We had a lot of fun customising our rings with our jewellery designer Germee. We decided on two different designs that matched our own personalities, and Germee suggested that the two rings be made such that they could be stacked on top of each other so that they still complement each other. We also loved that she runs a sustainable business that uses only conflict-free diamonds and supports local independent artisans in the Philippines.

Instead of picking one dress for all my bridesmaids, I suggested that they each pick an outfit of their choice in neutral shades (and encouraged metallics and sparkles!) The end effect was even more beautiful than I’d expected! Each of them are dear friends from different stages of my life, and it was a great way to celebrate our friendships and their unique personalities on a day that meant a lot to me.

A few of my bridesmaids and I also had a bouquet-making crash course before the wedding, and all the bridesmaid posies were DIY-ed by them (and their partners) the day before. I think they did an amazing job!

We also worked with our planner and Liv of Refresh Flowers to donate all the flowers we used for our décor the day after the wedding. Refresh Flowers is a social initiative that repurposes wedding flowers into bouquets to brighten up the days of elderly patients in palliative care.

Knowing how passionate Andrew is about Liverpool, I thought it would be fitting to have the football club’s anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone” made into our solemnisation backdrop’s neon sign – you should have seen how happy he was at the idea! Speaking of this, Andrew gifted Liverpool jerseys to all his guys too. Despite some of them being fans of rival clubs, they were all sporting and wore it for the groomsmen portraits – they all had a good laugh of course!” ~ Natalie

What sort of wedding favours did you opt for and why?
“We had cookies made by The Association for People with Special Needs (APSN). APSN has a social enterprise that equips their clients with employable skills. We enjoy going to the APSN Mystical Café (another initiative for their special needs trainees) and knew that we wanted to support them for our wedding too. No cookie was left behind at the wedding!” ~ Andrew and Natalie

Were there any other special moments at your wedding?
“I was facing a little crisis with my second outfit just hours before the wedding, as the one I’d initially planned to wear did not work out. The substitute dress I managed to get at the last minute was great but just a little too long, which would not have been suitable to wear for our first dance. Just as I was about to give up wearing a second outfit at all, our planner Caroline came to the rescue and hemmed the gown. It turned out to be my favourite outfit of the day, we did our dance, and I was very grateful to her and the team.

Being a huge romantic at heart, Andrew did a surprise number with his saxophone teacher (the one who taught him to play for our proposal!) Having our friends and family perform at our celebration also made it that much more intimate and special.

One of the things we challenged ourselves to do was a first dance! We had stressful moments but really enjoyed pushing ourselves with our instructor Joy. Taking up a new activity together also helped us enjoy the wedding planning journey a lot more.” ~ Andrew and Natalie

Any tips or advice on what makes a strong marriage?
“After more than five years together, we’ve come to a consensus: Never treat your partner like he or she is the enemy! Sometimes it’s a lot harder to practise than it sounds, but we try our best. That’s another thing we believe makes a strong relationship – don’t stop trying your best for each other.” ~ Andrew and Natalie


Congratulations on your marriage, Andrew and Natalie! May it be every bit as beautiful as your wedding!



Vendor Information
Number of Guests: 600
Venue: The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore
Photography: Joseph of Super Panda Presents 
Videography: Guj of redsheep
Bride’s Wedding Dresses: Christos from Your Dream Wedding Dress (cold-shoulder gown), Marchesa (off-shoulder dress) and Marchesa Notte (cape gown) from Shopbop and Tiara Bridal (dress alterations)
Qun Kua: The Red Wedding
Bride’s Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Groom’s Outfits: A Gentleman’s Tale
Jewellery: Dearest (earrings and wedding rings) and The Heng’s Jewellery (engagement ring)
Hair and Makeup: Xara Lee (wedding) and Eugenia Ho (post-wedding)
Décor and Flowers: Floral Magic (solemnisation backdrop, bride’s bouquet, boutonnieres and car décor), CCLee Design (solemnization and ballroom décor), bridesmaids’ bouquets DIY-ed by bridesmaids and friends, and Neon Project (neon sign)
Wedding Favours: ASPN (cookies) and Taobao
Stationery/Paper Goods: Pearlyn and Paper (invitations and stationery) and The Wedding Stylist
Catering: The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore
Planning/Styling: The Wedding Stylist
Photobooth: LiveStudios
First Dance: Joy of Aquilia Dance Academy
Bridesmaid Gifts: The Little Wedding Things
Wedding Flower Donation: Refresh Flowers