Andrew and Ribka’s Chic, Modern Wedding in Selangor, Malaysia

Besides planning a stylish engagement party in Jakarta, Indonesia, Andrew and Ribka were also organising a wedding in Selangor, Malaysia at the same time – and doing it long-distance, no less!

Nothing deterred the couple from creating a memorable, joy-filled celebration in Malaysia, captured by Wefreeze and Amore Production. The church ceremony was lively and colourful, and featured a stunning dessert table with beautifully designed cakes and an assortment of sweet treats. The dinner reception, planned and styled by Ever Mine Ever Thine Ever Ours (the bride’s own company) and held under a billowy white tent in Puteh at Subang, was a grander and more elegant affair, in which the couple made heartfelt speeches and took their first dance on a circular dais in the middle of the vast hall.

To end the night with a bang, the couple ventured outdoors for a portrait shoot with an amazing fireworks display as the backdrop.


Andrew & Ribka | Malaysia Wedding Cinematography Video Highlight from Amore Production on Vimeo.


How did the both of you meet?
We met in church back in 2012 in Malaysia, where I went to attend university. But it wasn’t love at first sight and we didn’t really hang out as we had different circles of friends due to the eight-year age gap. Two years later, we became interested in each other while attending a church friend’s wedding. After two and a half months of getting to know more about each other, we became a couple. What’s funny is that not long after we started, a church friend who had yet to know about our relationship wanted to match-make us. Turns out the job was already done.” ~ Ribka

How did Andrew propose?
I had planned a short trip to Malaysia to register for our ROM. He suggested having a nice dinner on one of the nights to celebrate our 33rd month together, something we didn’t get to do very often due to our long-distance relationship. So we went to DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur. After dinner, he said that he wanted to go to the toilet and asked me to wait at the restaurant. After a while, he called me and told me to go down to the lobby because there was no toilet at the restaurant level. So I went down without any suspicion.

As soon as I walked out of the lift, I saw one of his friends holding a bunch of flowers. Instantly, I knew what was going on. Then I was led to the hotel lounge/bar, with a singer/guitarist serenading me along the way. I saw more familiar faces around – his siblings and our church friends – taking pictures and videos. I remember feeling overwhelmed with the amount of people present. Then I saw him holding a big bouquet of red roses in a room full of balloons and candles. And so, in front of our friends and family (our parents through a video call), he popped the question. We were both so nervous!” ~ Ribka

What was the theme/style/colour palette of your wedding?
There were two different themes. For our dessert table, the theme was “edible flowers”, so it was pretty colourful with touches of gold. The theme for the dinner reception decor was “pastel Moroccan”, and white, beige, and gold colours with hints of blush and green were used.

I wanted to incorporate pampas grass in my wedding, so I had it in my bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, and all the flower arrangements at the dinner reception. It all felt special to me because I was involved in the designing process, so seeing my sketch turning into reality was really fulfilling and satisfying.” ~ Ribka

What sort of wedding favours did you opt for and why?
We chose edible flower lollipops. There was no specific reason; I just thought they were very cute and unique. We also arranged for a photo booth and chose a black-and-white filter for the photos because I couldn’t get the background that I wanted and there was no dress code for our guests, so we had to make it look more coordinated.” ~ Ribka

Were there any struggles both of you faced during the wedding prep?
Most of the wedding planning was done via video calls between Indonesia and Malaysia, which was not convenient at all. We needed to plan not one but two events: the engagement in Indonesia and the wedding in Malaysia, which were only six weeks apart.

It was definitely not easy and really challenging, and we were both struggling. There was one time when I felt very down and overwhelmed due to the stress. One week before the wedding, Andrew even had to go overseas for work and only came back three days before the big day. But at the end of the day, we’re glad that we overcame all of it as a team.” ~ Ribka

Any tips or wedding advice you can share for other brides and grooms to-be?
Spare some quiet time just for the two of you. The day is going to be hectic and you need to entertain the guests, but don’t forget that it’s about the two of you and it’ll only happen once. For me, the most meaningful moment was when we exchanged our vows. As soon as he read his vows, he was in tears. At that moment, I was really touched and I didn’t know what to do.

Make a shot list. You don’t want to miss a picture with anyone important, like relatives and friends who’ve come all the way down for the wedding, or even your immediate family.

Focus on a few spots to create the “wow” factor, unless you have the budget to decorate every corner of the venue down to the smallest details. Even with a limited budget, you can have a pretty Instagrammable wedding. For our wedding, we focused on the dance floor and bridal table.

Don’t be so obsessed with having the perfect wedding. You might have done a great job planning it, but on D-day it is down to God and all the vendors to execute it. Mistakes, technical difficulties, and other unwanted incidents can happen, so just embrace them. Your guests might not even notice so stop mulling over them.” ~ Ribka

Any tips or advice on what makes a strong marriage?
We are only two months into our marriage and are still learning to be the best spouses for each other. But one thing that we practice is to always compromise! It is not easy for two to become one, but it is not impossible. Also, always be contented because even in difficult times, you will still have each other.” ~ Ribka

Congratulations on your marriage, Andrew and Ribka! May it be every bit as beautiful as your wedding!


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Vendor Information
Number of guests: 270
Venue: Puteh at Subang, Selangor, Malaysia
Photography: Wefreeze
Videography: Amore Production
Photo Booth: Wefie Photo Booth
Wedding Dresses: Tiffany Liem, The Bridal Workshop, and Ever Mine Ever Thine Ever Ours
Bride’s Heels: Jacquelee and Cavaprive
Bridesmaid Dresses: Bridesmaid Bridestory
Groom’s Attire: SmartMaster, Zara, and WIT Wear It Too (bowtie)
Groom’s Shoes: Aldo Shoes
Groomsmen’s Bowties: Bowtiestore
Hair and Makeup: Elise Yap
Jewellery: Luxmatters
Flowers: Poppy and Mellow
Church & Dessert Table Décor: Afterbloom
Calligraphy: The Pinning Weddings + Design
Dinner Reception Decor: The Next Big Thing
Wedding Planning & Concept: Ever Mine Ever Thine Ever Ours
Stationery/Paper Goods: Katherine Kanardi (illustration on invitations), Kadatu (printing of invitation suite), Otello (printing of wedding vows and ring box), and Ever Mine Ever Thine Ever Ours (design of invitation suite, wedding vows and ring box)
Wedding Favours: Kimberandly
Cake: SayaBAKE
Band: Crinkle Cut