Andy and Wan Ting’s Dramatic Engagement Shoot in Budapest, Hungary

Our couples truly are the windows from which we see the world and today, Andy and Wan Ting have set our gazes upon beautiful Budapest through the lens of Acapella Photography. Why a pre-wedding photo shoot in Budapest you ask? Well if a European city off the beaten track isn’t enough to whet your wanderlust appetite, then its diverse architectural styles, historic grand cafes, romantic views and ornate Turkish baths will.

Also check out Andy and Wan Ting's pre-wedding video filmed in Paris, Vienna and Hallstatt by iStudio Video Production:

How did you meet?
“We were colleagues in the same bank!” ~ Andy and Wan Ting

What was the proposal like?
“The proposal was initially planned to happen on a hot air balloon in Cappadocia on the second last day of our trip in Turkey. I booked a hot air balloon just for the 2 of us. We would fly over a huge banner that would say ‘Will you marry me’ and we would land and have celebratory champagne. Sadly it did not happen because when we were given our wake up call at 3.30am during dawn, it was raining cats and dogs and we were told it might be cancelled. I remained hopeful that we would still be able to go but by 5am, the rain still had not spared us and I was told that it would be cancelled and I would get my refund.

We pushed our tour to the Kaymakli Underground City forward to the morning at 10am. I was a bit sad as we were coming to the end of our trip and I was even thinking of proposing on another trip. During the tour, my guide pulled me aside knowing that my proposal was cancelled and told me that he could arrange for us to have lunch at a beautiful restaurant and I can propose there. In my mind, proposing and going down on my knee with strangers around just sounded cliché and wasn't what I had envisaged. But I went ahead with the idea as the worse case was that we would just have a better lunch. We were taken to this boutique hotel called The Sacred House which was newly renovated. The guide said that it was his friend who owned the whole place. We were taken for a private tour and our jaw dropped at the beauty of the place. It was a refurbished castle and everything looked so opulent and majestic. Finally we were brought to the restaurant to have lunch, and apparently my guide said that he managed pull a favour from his friend to get the chef open the restaurant for a private lunch session as it doesn't open for dinner. We were dining in style as there was a dedicated waitress and all which set the mood. Finally I went down on my knee and popped the question in the beautiful courtyard with a glass ceiling! Needless to say I gave our guide a bigger tip than planned.” ~ Andy

What was the inspiration behind your shoot?
“I had chosen a gown from Galia Lahav from The Proposal which I was going to bring for the shoot and we needed to be in Budapest during that period. We shortlisted a few places with Joe from Acapella Photography. I shortlisted a few places like Scotland, Vienna, Paris and Budapest. Scotland because of the castles and horses (I always had a thing for taking pictures with horses). Vienna because it was the music city of the world. Paris because it is PARIS and finally Budapest. We decided to choose Budapest because it was a unique city which not many people have gone before and it was also ranked one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The city itself has a diverse and unique history with change of regimes etc. You would have a blend of cultures like Russia, Austria and even a bit of Roman architecture. There are castles, churches, theatres, cobbled streets, modern cafes and a mix of modern buildings. I must credit Joe for doing such a great job with researching where to shoot.” ~ Wan Ting   


Do you have any interesting moments or stories to share from the day of shooting?
“There were a couple of memorable moments. We were in Vienna where we wanted to do a video shoot at the Votive Church. We had lunch and changed into our gown and tuxedo in a small restroom at a nearby café called Café Francais. We were getting a lot of stares and congratulations from customers and people because in Europe, the groom doesn't see the bride in her gown until the wedding itself. When we were at the church, we were approached by the caretaker who asked us why we were there unannounced. We told him that we just wanted to do a quick photo shoot (when in actual fact it was a video shoot). We were told not to proceed beyond the church aisles. After a few takes, we noticed that the caretaker wasn't around. Ian our videographer wanted us to do an ‘unveiling the bride’ scene, which we rushed to take. Once it was a wrap, suddenly out of nowhere, the caretaker rushed out, screamed at us and chased us out of the church saying that we had no right to get married there.” ~ Wan Ting   


Do you have any tips and advice for couples planning destination pre-wedding shoots?
“In general, we think April and May are the best months to travel to Europe for shoots! Around the summer time is one of the best – the weather is cool and sunny which allows the makeup to stay, and there is enough sunlight to enhance the photos. It is also important to always do your research early so that you know which vendors you want to engage. The popular vendors may or may not be able to accommodate to your travel dates.” ~ Wan Ting 


Thank you for sharing these beautiful images with us, Andy and Wan Ting, and warmest congratulations on your engagement!


Another European engagement shoot with beautiful architecture
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Vendor Information
Venues: Budapest (photography) and Paris, Vienna and Hallstatt (videography)
Photography: Joe, Acapella Photography
Gowns: Galia Lahav from The Proposal (white gown), Made to measure from The Proposal (purple evening gown) and Elle Zeitoune from Style Lease (red gown)
Suits: Dezenno Uomo Tailoring 
Hair and Makeup: Sasa de Maquillage
Videography: Ian and John, iStudio Video Production