Arthur and Karman's Marriage Proposal at Banyan Tree Ungasan Bali

Arthur went down on one knee for Karman in a proposal at the White Dove at Banyan Tree Ungasan Bali, a gorgeous cliffside chapel boasting three hundred ornamental white doves on its side representing peace and love. This lovely proposal was captured by Gusmank Photography for Flytographer.

What a fitting spot for the start of the couple's life together, wouldn’t you agree Wedding Scoopers?

A word from Arthur…
“We’d talked about when we might want to get engaged – maybe after I graduated medical school or after I completed my first couple of years of training. We’d agreed that we would just wait it out, wait a few years and see. I think in the end I managed to surprise her a little (if not a lot!)

We had already been on 2 long holidays to Australia and New Zealand that half of the year. Karman told me that she couldn't be away from work anymore but of course I insisted on THIS holiday to Bali.

So we flew in and stayed at the Banyan Tree (an absolutely stunning cliff edge resort!) The first day we did some sightseeing and enjoyed the resort a bit. Then came my big day: I told her that I had booked spa treatments for both of us in the afternoon and so we went together, got into our private treatment room and laid face down onto the massage-beds.

Having planned ahead and bribed the therapists, I quietly got up from the bed, sneaked out of the room and rushed to this beauty of a chapel within the resort called The White Dove chapel (white doves signify purity, love and peace) where I did some little decorations and arrangements while waiting for her arrival.

The treatment session finally ended and as expected, she was confused by the empty bed next to her but nonetheless the therapist somehow convinced her that I had gone back to our villa to pick up something. They then got a buggy to take her to the chapel.

She followed the trail of balloons and love notes that I had written from the aisle of the chapel to outside on the terrace where I was waiting for her.

I said the words that I had rehearsed many times, words that I meant from the deepest part of my heart before going down on one knee. Then I asked the question and SHE SAID 'YES!'

We then had a lovely dinner inside the chapel with a panoramic infinity view of the Indian Ocean.”

A word from Gusmank of Gusmank Photography…
"Arthur was a shy but fun client to work with. We kept in touch a few days before the scheduled date of the shoot and it got a bit tricky as it was a surprise event, and we tried to make sure his girlfriend Karman didn’t notice our communications. 

On the day, everything went as planned. Karman was invited to dinner at The White Dove chapel. Arthur waited there and when they met each other, Arthur went down on one knee and popped the question. I was hiding behind a bush shooting with a long lens. Up until this point, Karman still hadn’t noticed my presence.

When she said, “YES!” and the ring was fitted on her finger, I came closer and shot them up close. We then did a photo tour before they started their romantic dinner inside the chapel."


Thank you for sharing these sweet photos with us, Arthur and Karman, and warmest congratulations on your engagement!


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Photography: Gusmank Photography for Flytographer