Arzish and Farah's Tastefully Chic Wedding

A stunning couple, beautiful cultural elements and a delightful sense of fun, this wedding has it all! From the gold and cream colour theme at the Nikah (Muslim marriage ceremony) in the bride's home, to the bollywood dancing at their hotel reception, The Wedding Scoop knows you will want to lap up every last detail of this multicultural Singapore wedding!

The Story
Arzish and Farah met through a mutual friend at the NUS Business School where they both studied. Drawn to Farah’s ability to take a joke and laugh at herself; Arzish described her personality trait as a welcome change from the majority of girls in university who simply take themselves too seriously. 

Blessed with heaps of chemistry, the pair who initially spent a lot of time with their mutual friends soon progressed to hanging out alone. As an unexpected twist-of-fate would have it, Arzish’s serious knee injury from a soccer accident sparked the eventual proposal, three years into their relationship.

The moment he awoke from his surgery, Arzish found that the first person he wanted to see was Farah. It was in that very moment when Arzish comprehended just how precious and important Farah had become to him. It was this very realization that became a key factor in his decision to propose to Farah that very day! 

“Life is simply too short to be arbitrarily waiting around to propose to the one you love, simply due to inane reasons such as “Oh, my flat is not ready yet.” So that very day, I appeared beneath her residence, a bouquet in one hand and a somewhat hastily purchased ring in the other.”

The Wedding
Embracing their multi-cultural roots, both Arzish and Farah saw the opportunity to celebrate their different cultures tastefully at their wedding functions. Staying true to their fun-loving personalities, the outgoing pair vowed to make their wedding as fun as possible by enlisting the help of some of their friends to perform a Bollywood-inspired dance and getting one of Arzish’s close friends to emcee, keeping the wedding lively throughout.  

The couple even found an orchestra to match their own penchant for spontaneity and the instrumentalists sneaked in a song not in their usual jazz medley. The bride and groom then got their friends to troop in with them for their second walk-in to one of their favorite tracks!

Arzish and Farah both recounted that they had a blast at their wedding and they ignored the stress and fear of something going wrong. Their parents' ability to stay cool under pressure and their friends who went out of their way to help the couple greatly eased the process too.

“Even today, we meet people who attended it that reiterate what a great time they had. And that to us, is testament that as a couple, we aced our very first test.”


Congratulations Arzish and Farah!



Vendor Information
Photography: 36frames
Videography: 36frames
Décor, tentage and "Pelamin": Anggerik Impian
Bride and groom's Malay outfits: Lady Sophia Bridal
Hair and makeup: Lady Sophia Bridal
Photography and videography: 36frames
Venue: Shangri-La hotel Singapore
Gown: Wedding Present 
Groom's suit: Hugo Boss
Bride and groom's Indian outfits: India Saree Emporium 
Orchestra: High Notes
Hair and makeup: Lady Sophia Bridal
Emcee: Emcee K.P.