Au Naturale: Danial and Harisha’s Green Wedding

Danial’s green thumb inspired his ‘green’-themed wedding with wife Harisha at K'Seena House, Kuala Lumpur. Decorated by Chenta Weddings and shot by Fad Manaf Wedding & Portrait Photography, this beautiful Muslim wedding featured long tables lined with an abundance of fresh leaves, custom-made wooden light fixtures and a pelamin (wedding dais) surrounded by crisp, white flowers – all under a white canopy set against a lush garden setting. Harisha’s bouquet, on the other hand, was a delightful mix of herbs and ranunculus – absolutely gorgeous!

How did you meet?
“We first met online and subsequently texted back and forth until we finally mustered the courage to meet in person. Our first meeting was nerve-wracking for the both of us but we quickly warmed up to each other as we chatted over dinner. As he walked me to my car after dinner, it started to rain. We interlocked hands as we walked to the car and have been together ever since.” ~ Harisha

How did he propose?
“Danial is very shy so he never did the old ‘get down on one knee’ type of proposal. Instead, about a year into our relationship, we talked about the prospect of marriage. We both knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together so after he asked my mother for my hand in marriage, we set a date for our official engagement party (it is traditional for Malays). My mother-in-law placed a beautiful engagement ring on my finger and we were officially engaged in front of our closest family and friends.” ~ Harisha

What was the theme of your wedding?
“Since my husband is a passionate chef and plants his own herbs and vegetables, it was only natural for us to opt for a ‘greenery’ theme, sticking to a palette of natural greens and browns against a white backdrop.” ~ Harisha

How did you decorate your venues? Did you undertake any DIY projects?
“We left the decorations fully in the capable hands of my husband’s sister, Sarah Abd Rahim of Chenta Weddings, and she couldn’t have done a better job! The white canopy brightened up the garden setting and the long table setting with Chiavari chairs were laid out with burlap table runners and fresh leaf garlands which took a team of six florists to carefully assemble. Napkins for the guests were carefully folded and adorned with rosemary. The hanging wooden light fixtures were custom built for our wedding and were also decorated with fresh leaves to match the table decorations. The main table had potted rosemary, thyme and mint for a slightly more personal touch. Sarah also thoughtfully used rosemary, mint, thyme, basil, sage, and parsley for my bridal bouquet, topping it off with the most beautiful white ranunculus.

The dais inside the house looked absolutely breathtaking as well! The fresh calla lilies, carnations, roses and hydrangeas set atop wooden crates were absolutely to die for. And topping it all of was a hanging masterpiece made of fresh foliage, which I was told weighed over 50kg! My mother-in-law actually cried when she saw the arrangement hanging from the wooden beams of the house.

Our dessert bar was decorated with wooden crates, eccentric vintage accessories and a delicious spread of baked goods. Our guests were able to enjoy the desserts in the picnic area, which they absolutely loved. My husband’s family especially loved it, having traveled up to KL all the way from Singapore where such garden weddings are rare.

Our photo booth was quaint, decorated with vintage lanterns and mason jars strung from an old tree. It perfectly suited the rest of our wedding reception.” ~ Harisha

What sort of wedding favors did you opt for, and why?
“For the love of food, we chose to have edible favours for our guests. We bought pretty little burlap favour bags and stuffed them with goodies like oatmeal bars, chocolate wafers and a salted egg (it is a traditional Malay custom to give out eggs to signify fertility). For the kids, we gave out chocolates and sweets packed in recycled paper boxes.” ~ Harisha

Do you have any other stories you’d like to share with us?
“I am a huge chocolate cake lover, so naturally I was really looking forward to our wedding cake. Danial’s sister Sarah had ordered the cake from a friend of hers; little did we know she had yet another surprise up her sleeve: she ordered a custom cake topper to go with the cake, and it said ‘REEL Love’ with a fishing reel (Danial is an avid fisherman)! Sarah made a short speech before our cake cutting ceremony and concluded it with the song ‘Grow Old With You’ by Adam Sandler from the movie ‘The Wedding Singer’. It left me speechless and in tears. Oh, and the cake was delicious of course!” ~ Harisha

Any tips or wedding advice for other brides and grooms to-be?
“For us, we found that the best way to start planning a wedding is to determine your budget. Once you have a budget to work with, it is fairly easy to make necessary amendments to avoid exceeding the budget. It is best to keep your wedding small and intimate, celebrating your big day only with your closest family members and friends.” ~ Harisha

What do you think makes a strong marriage?
“To us, the key to a successful marriage is communication and commitment.” ~ Harisha


Congratulations on your marriage, Danial and Harisha! May it be every bit as beautiful as your wedding!


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Vendor Information
No. of guests: 300
Venue, Catering and Entertainment: K’Seena House, Selangor, Malaysia
Photography: Fad Manaf Wedding & Portrait Photography
Wedding Dress: Lagenda
Bride’s Shoes: Pedro
Groom’s Shoes: Obermain
Hair and Makeup: Ferra Rossa
Flowers, Décor, Wedding Planning and Styling: Chenta Weddings
Cake: Que Serra Serra
Videography: The Joe Zakaria