Australian Couture Brand J'Aton's Bride Collection

We’ve been fans of J’Aton’s heavily embellished dresses ever since we saw celebrity Rebecca Judd’s wedding dress years ago, so when we heard about the Australian couture brand’s Bride collection – a collaboration with established Italian bridal house Valentini Spose – we had to find out more. Up until this point, J’Aton’s involvement in bridal fashion had been limited to bespoke bridal gowns, and the prospect of a bridal collection was immediately intriguing.

J’Aton has built a reputation for textile techniques that make women appear slimmer in their gowns, and is sought out by an enviable roster of A-list celebrities that includes Beyonce, Nicole Kidman, Ellie Goulding and Margot Robbie.

This unique collaboration between J’Aton and Valentini Spose, and their shared cultural roots (J’Aton’s founders have Italian origins) creates a collection that is sensual, sculptural and sophisticated.

A word from J’Aton and Valentini
J’Aton and Valentini showed a brand new collection of 15 dresses during New York Bridal Week (7-10 October 2017).

This brand new collection is a follow up of the preview collection last April born between J’Aton and Valentini Spose.

J’Aton is an internationally and renowned Australian couture brand with Italian origins of the two designers and founders Jacob Luppino and Anthony Pittorino.

The Valentini maison, established in 1966 in Putignano, Puglia (South of Italy), achieved international exposure thanks to the great reputation gained for Italian excellence in realising the best bridal gowns, made recognisable by the impeccable cut and the innovative use of precious fabrics in an artisanal couture way of working.

J’Aton Bride was born from the desire to unite the creative genius of J’Aton and the incredible quality level of the Valentini traditional tailored Made in Italy. The latter being possible thanks to work and experience of more than 80 skilled tailors and seamstresses whose work is coordinated by the creative director Graziana Valentini.

The 15 dresses chosen for New York Bridal Week (October 2017) have a leitmotiv of transparences, sensual lines and strategic architecture but at the same time a sculptural effect that make the complete collection more metropolitan and international.

The J’Aton Bride collection is full of little works of sartorial art where the geometric and symmetric transparences of the fabrics play with the body’s silhouette.

The use of silk, tulle, satin, net, intarsia and Vienna straw embroideries creates a sophisticated gown. Just like the lace corsets wrapped around the body like a glove or the satin skirts ruched or laser cut without forgetting to mention the ballooned sleeves embroidered like a little secret garden or other suggesting a Victorian feel.

The nude look effect created thanks to an invisible net is a triumph of femininity.

The J’Aton Bride lives in a fairytale word in which the classic and ethereal colour white is enriched of new tones from optical to cream, from pearl to the refined ivory, sometimes silver.


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