Brandon and Sarah’s Engagement Shoot in Serendah

Brandon and Sarah looked to nature for their intimate pre-wedding session. We instantly fell in love with these heartfelt images captured by Jasmine of Munkeat Studio at Sekeping Serendah Retreat and Serendah Waterfalls.

How did you meet and what was the proposal like?
“Sarah and I both attended Monash University Malaysia back in 2010; she was completing her arts degree while I was completing my engineering degree. We met at the Monash Christian Fellowship, but we only started getting closer when we served in the committee together. In 2012, I asked her to be my girlfriend. 

Even if I was pretty sure that Sarah was going to say yes, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to pop the question when she least expected it. Sarah has a knack for sensing surprises.

I knew I wanted the proposal to be an intimate one, with just the two of us; so, for our fourth anniversary, we went to Phi Phi Island in Krabi for a short getaway. On our second day, we retired to our room to rest after a morning spent snorkeling and walking on the beach. Sarah lay down on the bed and started playing Candy Crush. Sensing an opportunity, I decided to start a conversation about work. I droned on about how important it was to ensure you retain and ensure the loyalty of our customers (I was in the loyalty and retention department then). Obviously, Sarah had little interest in what I was rambling on about. It was at that point when I sat her up, got down on one knee and told her that I wanted to secure and retain the most important person in my life, and asked her to marry me. She said yes.” ~ Brandon

What was the inspiration behind your shoot?
“Interestingly enough, we weren’t actually planning to do a pre-wedding shoot. However, the both of us rarely take photos together, and at some point we realised that we would barely have anything to display at our wedding! We knew that we wanted something that was casual and natural with a lot of greenery.” ~ Brandon

Do you have any interesting moments or stories to share from the day of the shoot?
“We were quite unsure of what to expect, as we are both quite camera shy. Despite this, our photographer Jasmine made the entire experience fun and comfortable for us. The questions she posed and her directions definitely put us at ease. Seeing what goes on behind the scenes of a photo shoot was also an eye-opening and amusing experience for us.

For one of the shots, we had to climb up a waterfall to get to the location. At that point, we were racing against time as the sun was setting. In the photos, you’ll see Sarah and I bundled up in a blanket, pretending to sip hot tea. In actuality, the blanket had already gotten wet, Sarah was shivering slightly and the cups were empty! (laughs) Jasmine’s fiancé Aiman was standing in the water while carrying her on his shoulders just so she could get the shot - talk about dedication! It was an experience we’re definitely not going to forget.” ~ Brandon

Do you have any tips and advice for couples planning destination pre-wedding shoots?
“We didn’t have to go far or spend a lot of money to get beautiful pictures. Jasmine and her team made what would normally seem pretty ordinary look incredibly gorgeous. We trusted her direction completely, and true enough, it turned out amazingly! If there was one thing we learned from our mistakes, however, it would be to prepare all your props in advance to avoid any last minute scrambling!” ~ Brandon


Thank you for sharing these lovely images with us, Brandon and Sarah!



Vendor Information
Locations: Glass Box at Sekeping Serendah Retreat, Serendah Waterfalls
Photography: Jasmine of Munkeat Studio
Hair and Makeup: Su Yen of SuyenPang Artistry
Flowers: Bohemian Secrets By Payne