Bridal Boudoir Styled Shoot Celebrating Body Positivity – Part 1

“To love yourself as you are is a miracle, and to see yourself is to have found yourself, for now. And now is all we have, and love is who we are.”
Anne Lamott

Part 1 of our bridal boudoir styled shoot, inspired by vintage burlesque photography, Vanity Fair spreads, and 1950s showgirl vibes, features an intimate indoor session at Ecole De Pole Singapore with our gorgeous model Salmah.

Through this styled shoot, we want to celebrate the female form and champion body positivity – the belief that all human beings should have a positive body image and accept their own bodies as well as others.

We hope these images will inspire brides-to-be everywhere that you look 100% beautiful inside and out, no matter what dress size you may be!

These images would not have been possible without photography by Chen Sands Photography, videography by AndroidsinBoots, styling and flowers by Inside The Knot, wedding dresses by Rico-A-Mona Bridal, lingerie by Chaloné, hair and make-up by Amy Chow and Saydanar Make-up Artistry, jewellery by Daughters and Huen’s Jewellery & Art.

A word from our model, Salmah, on her body positivity journey:
“I was always the chubby kid growing up, and sometimes I still feel like that small kid when I can’t find cute outfits in my size.

I was terrified when I entered polytechnic because it was going to be the first time I’d be out of uniform. I remember wearing this XL Men’s GAP jacket because I was so self-conscious of my body, especially my arms, and I felt safe hiding underneath it.

I’ve always loved dance. I started out with ballet in primary school, then moved into modern dance in secondary school. I’ve always like hip and chest isolations, so that led me to trying out belly dancing, Tahitian dance and women’s hip-hop.

But it wasn’t until I discovered pole dancing where I felt my confidence really bloom. I loved the studio I was in because the girls were so beautiful, inside and out. They were warm and encouraging and I really felt sexy dancing together with these wonderful women. It was amazing being surrounded by all these positive women. Coming from an all-girls school, there’s a fair amount of cattiness, so experiencing this loving and supporting culture was so refreshing for me.”

And a word from Chen, the photographer, on why boudoir is for “every body”:
“What boudoir is to me....

Boudoir is not about being naked.

Boudoir is not always about gifting photos to your partner.

Boudoir is not about excessive Photoshop to ensure “perfection” like what we are subjected to in advertising and magazines.

Boudoir is about you. It’s a celebration, it's luxury, it's ART.

Women don't do it for showing off – no one loves every single part of their bodies, NO ONE.

Women don't do it because they are “great in front of the camera”.

Women don't do it because they secretly think they have the looks and the body of a model.

No. Nope. Nuh-uh.

It's cliché, but a big part of why women do boudoir is not because of how they look like on the outside, but how they are feeling on the inside.

I have shot all shapes and sizes and I, as well as all good portrait photographers, know how to use lighting and poses, and make you feel comfortable enough to create beautiful shots of you. But the one thing all my clients have in common is that they want to celebrate and commemorate something. They want a piece of art that captures a moment or mindset that they want to remember.

Yes, sometimes it's because of recent weight loss, a bride before her wedding, a mother celebrating losing weight after having children, but more than weight it's often something inside them that has made them realise that it's time to invest in themselves. That they are WORTH IT, that they want to be pampered and captured in a way that they or anyone else has never seen before. It’s this change in their mindset that allows them to step in front of the camera to create some magic.

And that's why I love boudoir. The whole thing is about feeling good; taking a moment to feel good about your face, feel good about your body, about your whole self.”


It’s always a privilege to share the work of wedding creatives with our community. Thank you to all the talented folks who took part in this styled shoot!



{Styled shoot co-produced by The Wedding Scoop.}


Vendor Information
Concept, Co-Producer and Exclusive Publisher: The Wedding Scoop
Concept and Photography: Chen Sands Photography
Styling and Flowers: Inside The Knot
Videography: AndroidsinBoots
Wedding Dresses: Rico-A-Mona Bridal
Lingerie: Chaloné
Hair and Make-up: Amy Chow and Saydanar Make-up Artistry
Diamond jewellery: Daughters
Sapphire Jewellery: Huen’s Jewellery & Art
Model: Salmah
Venue: Ecole De Pole Singapore