Bridal Boudoir Styled Shoot Celebrating Body Positivity – Part 2

“Stop trying to fix your body. It was never broken.” 
– Eve Ensler

Loved part 1 of our bridal boudoir styled shoot at Ecole De Pole Singapore? In part 2, we took things to another level with an outdoor boudoir shoot at Canterbury Road behind Hort Park, and the photos – vintage burlesque meets Vanity Fair meets 1950s showgirl – are absolutely stunning.

A message to all brides-to-be: You are beautiful just the way you are, so never let anyone tell you otherwise. We hope these images inspire you to celebrate your bodies for what they are!

These images would not have been possible without photography by Chen Sands Photography, videography by AndroidsinBoots, styling and flowers by Inside The Knot, wedding dresses by Rico-A-Mona Bridal, lingerie by Chaloné, hair and make-up by Amy Chow and Saydanar Make-up Artistry, jewellery by Daughters and Huen’s Jewellery & Art.

A word from our model, Salmah, on her body positivity journey:
“I’ve always loved dance. I started out with ballet in primary school, then moved into modern dance in secondary school. I’ve always liked hip and chest isolations, so that led me to trying out belly dancing, Tahitian dance and girls hip hop. It wasn’t until I discovered pole dancing where I felt my confidence really bloom.

I loved the studio I was in because the girls were so beautiful, inside and out. They were warm and encouraging, and I really felt sexy dancing together with these wonderful women. It was amazing being surrounded by all these positive women. Coming from an all-girls school, there’s a fair amount of cattiness, so experiencing this loving and supporting culture was so refreshing for me.

I think I already started to feel super comfortable with my body after just a single term at the studio. I think my friends could see it too. I know I may not ever be the “ideal size” or reach my “ideal weight”, and I’m okay with that because I have such positive and caring friends and a loving boyfriend that really makes me feel sexy, regardless of my size.

My focus isn’t on being slim, it’s about being fit and healthy. And I really love food, I feel like I work out a lot so I can eat more! With pole dancing, I feel really good about myself whenever I master a new trick or execute a combo gracefully. The sense of achievement really drives my confidence and makes me push myself harder to be better.

I love teaching beginner classes because I enjoy motivating others, especially when they feel discouraged because they lack the strength or they’re on the heavier side and they feel that’s a major factor in them executing the moves. I always share my personal experience as a “big girl” whenever I teach, to show them that anything is possible as long as you don’t give up and work hard!”

And a word from Chen, the photographer, on why boudoir is for “every body”:
“Boudoir is a chance to create something from your dreams. Some book me for particular looks I have done before, but every girl is different and every session is a piece of art made between the both of us.

The power of a great portrait, and particularly for boudoir, is that it is about enjoying all the amazing parts of you. Your curves - Too much? Not enough? Lighting and posing allows us to create the best angles for you. Your style - Sweet to sexy and everything in between, it’s a chance to feel extraordinary. Whether celebrating you or gifting them to your partner, it’s a day of pampering and quite often girlfriends come down to help out and cheer you on.

The experience of a boudoir portrait is as glorious as the final product itself. We ALL deserve to feel good about ourselves, and I love boudoir because I feel like I'm helping and enabling more women to feel like they are worth it and to love themselves. The size that you are is SO UNBELIEVABLY SECONDARY.

My clients are often shy. They are often nervous. They are often introverts. But after a good boudoir session, I can assure you that you will come out feeling pampered, feeling loved, feeling SPECIAL. In my sessions, we pump up the music, we laugh uncontrollably, and some bubbly drinks are always allowed if needed!”


It’s always a privilege to share the work of wedding creatives with our community. Thank you to all the talented folks who took part in this styled shoot!



{Styled shoot co-produced by The Wedding Scoop.}


Vendor Information
Concept, Co-Producer and Exclusive Publisher: The Wedding Scoop
Concept and Photography: Chen Sands Photography
Styling and Flowers: Inside The Knot
Videography: AndroidsinBoots
Wedding dresses: Rico-A-Mona Bridal
Lingerie: Chaloné
Hair and Make-up: Amy Chow and Saydanar Make-up Artistry
Diamond jewellery: Daughters
Sapphire Jewellery: Huen’s Jewellery & Art
Model: Salmah
Venue: Canterbury Road behind Hort Park