Capella Wedding With a Kids' Corner, Whiskey and Cigar Bar and Dessert Street

Following an instant connection and whirlwind Tinder romance, Cheeyuan and Lovey tied the knot just 6 months later at Capella Singapore, Sentosa. The thoughtful couple endeavoured to “make sure each and every guest felt taken care of, loved and included” at their wedding shot by Ksana and styled by Styled Story. Theirs was a vintage-themed affair that celebrated “old-fashioned love” and included a children’s activity room, whiskey and cigar bar, and dessert street serving up old school sweet treats – perfect for guests young and old alike.

How they met:
"Tinder! Neither Lovey nor Cheeyuan were ever in Singapore for long stretches of time. Lovey was a regional marketing director and was traveling extensively in her role and was egged on by friends to try online dating (which she abhorred). Cheeyuan was an aerospace engineer based in London but was working on a project in Manila; it was his sister who encouraged him to set up an online dating profile because he was never in one place long enough to date. While doing a quick turnaround trip, Lovey happened to “swipe right” on Cheeyuan, who also just happened to be visiting his family in Singapore. They connected and things quickly moved on to WhatsApp. Unfortunately, Lovey's busy traveling schedule made it impossible for them to meet until one of her planned business trips turned out to be in London. Cheeyuan offered to meet Lovey at Gatwick Airport and to show her around his city so they would have a chance to meet. In 5 minutes, he had screenshotted the air ticket he’d bought to prove to Lovey he was serious, and when he told Lovey he was also meeting her on his birthday, she felt she couldn't refuse. They met at the airport after two months of texting, and were married four months later!”

How he proposed:
"Cheeyuan had planned a romantic dinner at the rooftop restaurant Zafferano overlooking the skyline to propose to Lovey but he was extremely nervous. While Lovey was getting ready at home for the dinner, he offered to show her friends the engagement ring and Lovey overheard him. She asked him if he was proposing and he said he wasn't (and did a pretty bad job of being convincing). He was so nervous that by the time he got around to proposing that night, he realized he had left the ring in the car! She said “Yes!” the next morning.”

What was your theme?
Since we had a whirlwind, as-modern-as-you-can-get online relationship, we wanted our wedding to celebrate "old-fashioned love". 

We wanted a wedding not focused on us, but a celebration for all the wonderful family and friends who have supported us through the years. We wanted to make sure each and every guest felt taken care of, loved and included (which meant their kids as well)! It was very important that everyone, regardless of age, had fun at our wedding. Also, we realised that many of our family and friends did not know our partner very well since we decided to get married six months after meeting, so we wanted to ensure that they got to know us a little better during the wedding.” ~ Lovey

How did you decorate your venues? Did you undertake any DIY projects?
“Since the theme was "old-fashioned love", we decided a vintage look to our wedding would best reflect it. Everything from our wedding invitations to our decor reflected that theme. The personal touches included: 

- Our wedding invitations were specially designed and personally sealed with a sealing wax and a customised wax stamp. 

- The decor at the wedding showcased our childhood memorabilia and photos so that guests could get to know us better.

- We also realised that it was also the first weekend of the school holidays, and we wanted to make sure our wedding did not take time away from our guests’ families so we created a vintage kids’ activity playroom in a separate ballroom for our friends so they could bring their kids to the wedding. 

- Outside the ballroom, guests were free to take a shawl (which were personally wrapped) if they were cold. 

- We had a formal seating arrangement with calligraphy place cards.

- Our wedding video was a "When Harry met Sally…" movie spoof.

- Our custom-designed game cards became part of our decor. They also helped our guests get to know us better because they were made up of actual text messages exchanged between the both of us and guests had to figure out who said what.

- Everyone loves desserts, so we decided to surprise our guests by transforming the aisle outside of our ballroom into a full dessert street. The vintage touch came in the form of what desserts were served; everything from old-school French chocolate pastries to traditional “muah chee” with a twist were served. We even had “milo peng” (iced milo) and an old-fashioned ice cream cart which served ice cream in folded bread (which happened to be the old school favorite of the night)! Customised calligraphy food signs were used to match the vintage theme.

- One big hit was the outdoor area of our dessert street: we transformed it to a whisky and cigar barrel bar and had a “kacang puteh” (mixed snacks) man go around serving nuts!

- Our wedding favours were old-school "ting ting tang" (traditional candy) in customised takeaway bags. 

- Even the toilets were not forgotten – each cubicle door was decorated with a sign which showed an actual text message exchange between the both of us.

- The night ended with a Mambo Jambo-themed disco – we were surprised by the number of people that stayed on even though it was a Sunday night!” ~ Lovey

Do you have any other stories you’d like to share with us?
"We specially thanked many of our friends who took time off their own birthdays and wedding anniversaries to be there with us. In fact, there was one couple that had a very similar story to us and happened to be married on the exact same day...the wife received flowers from us. We had a lot of issues with kids that did not want to go home that night because they were having too much fun. Many kids hid from their parents, so some of our friends had a panic attack at the end of the night!” ~ Lovey

Any tips or wedding advice for other brides and grooms to-be?
“Making your guests feel appreciated goes a long way in making your wedding memorable. Sweat the small details while you are planning but let it all go during your wedding so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour. Appoint family or close friends to help you make certain decisions during the wedding so you are not distracted by the nitty-gritty on that day. Don't be shy to ask for help!” ~ Lovey

What do you think makes a strong marriage?
“Take time to make special memories as a couple – the little things which will remind you how wonderful both of you are together. Go back to these moments when things are not going as smoothly to remind yourself that both of you are better together. Do things which are deeply personal to both of you and delight in your partner's interests.” ~ Lovey


Congratulations on your marriage, Cheeyuan and Lovey! May it be every bit as beautiful as your wedding!


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Vendor Information
Venue: Capella Singapore
Photography: Ksana
Wedding and Evening Gowns: Tiara Bridal
Jewellery: Tiffany & Co. (engagement ring) and Fairy’s Inc (wedding bands)
Hair and Makeup: Christopher Tan
Flowers: Poppy Flora Studio (bridal bouquet) and Capella Singapore
Stationery/Paper Goods: PapyPress
Styling: Styled Story
Entertainment: Compass Entertainment (music and fringe activities)
Children's Activities: Lester Ng
Videography: Ryan Lok (themed wedding film)