DIY Bridesmaid Box

Picking the members of your entourage is often one of the first few things that gets ticked off on any wedding checklist. Every bride probably has a handful of girlfriends that would jump at the chance to be a bridesmaid, but why not put in a little extra effort to do something special for your BFFs on this once-in-a-lifetime occasion? Today on the Blog, Pearlyn of Pearlyn and Paper shows us how to create your very own Bridesmaid Box: a simple gift box filled with girly goodies topped off with the most adorable "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" cards (courtesy of Pearlyn) - complete with a bridesmaid to-do list and dress questionnaire! It's certainly guaranteed to make any of your girlfriends say 'I do'.


  1. A box (the ones used in this tutorial are from Art Friend)
  2. Art supplies, i.e. a variety of brushes with paint in all your favorite colours - glitter included!
  3. Bridesmaid cards template (download the free printable here!)
  4. Photos of you and your girlfriend/s
  5. Gifts for your bridesmaids
  6. A pen knife or a pair of scissors

Using a pen knife or a pair of scissors, carefully slice the template.

Step 2: PAINT IT
Now is the time to get creative! Simple motifs are the easiest!

Step 3: FILL IT
Fill it up with all the pretty things you bought especially for your bridesmaids (pastries, make up, nail polish, accessories are all perfectly good options), including photos of the two of you as well as the printable bridesmaid cards. Don't forget tie them together with a ribbon!

Now, what kind of girl doesn't like pretty things? Wrap it up with lace, frills and don't forget to leave a hand written note!


And voila! You've got the perfect Bridesmaid Box. Thank you so much for sharing your DIY tutorial with us Pearlyn!

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