DIY Chiffon Pom Pom Shoe Clips


Ready to slip your feet into something a little more pom-tastic? Today's DIY tutorial sent to us by our wonderful friends from Bridal Musings brings layers of ruffled pretty to a place we never would have thought of…your bridal shoes!




Materials Required:

- 1/2 metre polyester chiffon

- Scissors

- Pencil

- A small piece of thick card

- Shoe clip blanks (you can get them at fabric stores)

- Needle

- Thread

- Glue gun

Step 1. Fold your length of chiffon into a square or rectangle shape (as if you were folding a towel/bed sheet). Fold in half, then half again and so on until you end up with lots of layers of chiffon one on top of the other.


Step 2. Draw a circle in pencil on the top layer of chiffon according to how large you want your pom pom to be. We drew around a reel of ribbon, you could draw around a coffee mug or a side plate.


Step 3. Use a few pins to gather the chiffon together in the centre so that it is secure (making it much easier to cut the fabric). 


Then carefully cut around the circle – you will end up with lots of chiffon circles.




Step 4. Fold each chiffon circle in half and half again and again to create layered triangles and pinch them at the bottom to hold the shape.





Step 5. Do a few stitches near the bottom of the triangles with a needle and thread (using the same or a similar colour to your chiffon fabric) then tie a knot to keep them tightly bound together. Don’t worry, these stitches don’t have to be neat as you won’t see them once the pom is opened up.


Then repeat and stitch four or five triangles together at the bottom.


Keep repeating these steps and adding new layers to your pom.


Step 6. Use more or less layers depending on how fluffy and full you’d like your poms to be. Once you’re happy with the fullness, fluff out the layers so that the pom looks domed on top.


Then cut off any excess fabric.


Step 7. Cut out a small circle out of thick card (big enough to cover the bottom surface of your pom) then use a glue gun to attach it to the fabric at the bottom of your pom.



FYI – This cardboard circle provides a flat, sturdy surface to attach the shoe clip blank to (that’s the metal part that has the clip mechanism).


Step 8. Use the glue gun to secure the card circle to the shoe clip blank, ensuring that the clip part is facing outwards.




Step 9. Once the glue is dry and the clip is securely attached to the pom, do a little more ‘fluffing' to ensure you’re happy with the way the layers look. Clip to the front of your shoe…et voila! You’ve got yourself one pretty pom pom shoe clip.


Step 10. Repeat steps 1-9 to make a matching pom for your other shoe!



Tips and tricks from Ninette of Wake Up and Make Love...
– When I was making my shoe clip, I found it quite tricky to hold all the pieces of fabric together without them springing out of my hands. So I created lots of mini sections then stitched them together (as demonstrated in the tutorial above).

– Keep your stitches low down on each section so that they won’t be visible when your pom is finished.

– Bear in mind that chiffon is prone to fraying, so the edges of your pom will look a little ‘undone’ – but I actually think it looks really pretty!

– Don’t like sewing? Use the glue gun to glue the sections together or try using a stapler. But remember chiffon is a very delicate fabric so gather as many layers as possible together before stapling then you’ll only need a couple of staples. (As opposed to creating lots of mini sections).

– Once you’re feeling confident you’ve got the technique down, why not try using different fabrics? Velvet or lace would make beautiful poms (although they won’t look quite as springy or fluffy as chiffon and you may need to use more fabric to get the desired pom-tastic effect).

– If you’ll be making a lot of pom poms – for example for your bridesmaids, create a circle template out of card that you can use over and over again.

– These cute pom pom clips can even be used as pretty hair accessories or lapel pins!


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