DIY Floral Crown + Beauty Shoot


When it comes to looking for the perfect accessory to top off your wedding outfit, nothing quite comes close to an impeccably styled floral crown. But really, regardless of the occasion, floral crowns have a way of lending just the right amount romantic flair to every look, which is why we couldn't be more delighted to share this fab beauty shoot and DIY tutorial, with florals by Reina Cai of Wonderland For Detailed Planners, hair and makeup by Joanna Koh of Indigo Artisans, outfits from Soon Lee, The Prelude Bridal and Vaughn Tan, and photography by Brody Tan. Inspired to make your very own floral crown after seeing these beauties? Be sure to read on after the jump for the juicy how-to!

"Throughout history, and around the world, flower crowns have been a symbol of love, fertility and celebration, and are a great way to personalise your wedding look. They can be as over the top or as simple as you want them to - from oversized blooms to a few simple green sprigs. You can also consider having mini-crowns for your flower girls, or create unique ones for each bridesmaid!

We worked with two specific looks for this shoot: the Bohemian and the Lady. For each look, we decided to do a few crowns just to show how there can be so many variations within a single look, simply because floral crowns can be so versatile! For the Bohemian look, we created three different crowns - a romantic one, a textural one, and a botanical one. As for the Lady, we created two different looks - one that features a large bloom for a more dramatic style and another that is more fashion/fascinator-inspired." ~ Reina








A word from Joanna of Indigo Artisans...
"The two beauty looks for the shoot were based on iconic looks from the 60's, with a modern take on them.

The Bohemian: Jane Birkin's bohemian style at her own wedding was the inspiration for this look. Channeling the 60's, we went for a bright, wide-eyed look and added a beautiful flush for that blushing bride's glow. A twisty side braid is great for sweeping hair off your shoulders to show off your beautiful neckline and keep cool in our tropical and humid climate. It's just as easy to let it down to form waves when the dancing begins, too! Don't worry about flyaway hairs - let a few strands fall around your face for a softer effect.

The Lady: Taking our cues from Audrey Hepburn's signature on-screen makeup, we created full, bold brows and perfectly defined cat eyes. For that 60's-inspired lady-like elegance, a bold red lip is absolutely essential. Find the right red lipstick to match your skin tone before the wedding and carry it with you for touchups. The Lady's hairstyle was less girly and more grownup. Work a deep side part with a side swept fringe and a classic updo. Keep any details or twists at the back of your bun so that it doesn't compete with your statement floral headpiece."


















Flower Crown D-I-Y Tutorial



Flowers needed:

  • Matthiola (Ivory & Light pink)
  • Dahlia (Sugartown Sunrise)
  • Lisanthum (Champagne)
  • Hydrangea (White)
  • Delphinium (White)

Materials needed:

  • Floral scissors
  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Ribbons (optional)


Step 1: To make the base of the crown, take the floral wire and wrap it around your head to get the right circumference. Be sure to leave it a little larger than your head, to account for the tape and stems. Proceed by twisting off the end to secure, and cutting off any excess with your floral scissors. Use green floral cloth tape to go round the base once to ensure that the ends are smoothened out and will not hurt the wearer. Pull the tape tightly as you wrap it around the wire. To make the wreath adjustable, you can add ribbons to the ends.


Step 2: Before you begin, gather all the flowers that you need for your flower crown. Prep your flowers and foliage by cutting the stems to about an inch in length and conditioning them by remove any leaves from the stems below the flowers, as you do not want to tape over them. This makes for a cleaner and neater flower crown.


Step 3: [This step was omitted for this particular floral crown as the flowers used did not require extra sturdiness or reinforcement.]
Begin by sticking a piece of floral wire perpendicularly through the stem of each flower, just below where it meets the bloom. Carefully fold each side of the floral wire parallel to the stem. Using floral tape, pull tightly as you wrap the tape downwards around the wire and stem, starting at the base of the bloom. The wire adds some sturdiness to the floral crown and is especially important when using heavier flowers (such as Garden Roses), or fragile flowers such as Ranunculus.


Step 4: Next, create small bunches of flowers and place them sideways along the wire base. Wrap the bunch of flowers tightly around the base using floral tape until it is secure. Be sure to wrap tightly, as flowers tend to shrink slightly when they dry out.



Step 5: Continue to make small clusters of flowers, alternating varieties, sizes and colours. Place each new bunch on top of the base of the previous bunch, covering it with tape until you have filled your crown! You can use either floral tape or floral wire to secure the small bunches of flowers to your crown.



And for the final step: Rock your crown as you wish!




Thank you so much for sharing your DIY tutorial with us Reina, and many thanks to Joanna for the beautiful hair and makeup, Soon Lee, The Prelude Bridal and Vaughn Tan for the stunning outfits, and Brody for the lovely photos!

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Vendor Information
Photography: Brody Tan Photography
Florals: Wonderland For Detailed Planners
Lace Bodice Dress, Off-the-shoulder Top and Maxi Skirt: Soon Lee
Sheer Skirt Dress: Love, Yu from The Prelude Bridal
Off-the-shoulder Gowns: Vaughn Tan
Hair and Makeup: Joanna Koh, Indigo Artisans
Model: Lily from Basic Models