DIY Giant Paper Peony


You’ve read her top tips on how to create a show-stopping wedding dessert table and seen firsthand the romantic one she styled for our “Love Blooms Here” shoot. We’re pleased as punch to have Wynona Leach of Little House of Dreams back again today to teach us how to make those beautiful paper flowers which graced her table’s backdrop. Flex those crafty fingers now and follow the tutorial to create your very own floral crêpes!


Photo of paper flower backdrop by Jeneane Marie via PaperFlora.


Photo of dessert table with white paper flower backdrop by Laura Clarke Photography via Style Me Pretty.


Photo of white, coral and gold paper flower wedding backdrop by Onelove Photography via Ruffled.

Materials Required:

- Crepe paper – we recommend purchasing good quality crepe from Carte Fini. 1 roll (50cm x 250cm) will make 1 flower of approximately 45cm. Gold crepe for the centre (optional) and 1 or 2 colours for the petals.

- Sharp scissors

- Hot glue gun

- Pencil or felt tip pen

- Printer

- Paper or Card

- Paper peony templates

Step 1. Print out the templates on paper or card (tip: card is easier to handle). Take the template for Petal 1 and place it on the crepe. Using a pencil or felt tip pen, trace around the template. The number of pieces to trace and cut is stated on each petal. Cut each petal out. Keep petals of the same size together for easy identification and assembly later.


Step 2. Using the gold crepe, cut the flower centre following the template. It may be quicker to fold over the paper a few times and cut the strips a few layers at the same time, as seen in the photo below. Cut 1 piece.


Step 3. Take a petal and using a pinching action with both hands, stretch the petals at even intervals about 1cm apart.


Step 4. Cup the petal in the palm of your hands and gently stretch the centre of the petal outwards. Try to give the petal a slightly concave shape. Repeat with each petal.





Step 5. Using the hot glue gun, apply the glue along the bottom edge of the flower centre. Roll it up with the gold facing towards the inside.


Step 6. Take petal number 1 and place a little bit of glue along the bottom. Wrap it around the base of the flower centre.




Step 7. Continue to glue and wrap all of the number 1 petals around the centre, positioning the next petal approximately halfway along the previous petal.


Step 8. Complete petals size 1 and 2 in the same manner.


Step 9. Starting from petal size 3, overlap the tip of the petals to hide the base of the flower centre as pictured. Continue gluing and layering the petals until all of the petals are used up.





Step 10. The larger petals may require more glue going further up the sides.





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