DIY Paper Tassel Garlands


DIY decor is one of the easiest ways to add a touch of whimsy to any wedding or event. Tassel garlands are perfect for dessert tables and wedding arches; team them up with geronimo balloons and watch them transform into the ideal photo shoot props and make a splash as fab table centrepieces. The best part is, making them totally DIY means you can have them in any colour that strikes your fancy! Today, Pearlyn of Pearlyn and Paper shares how to create your very own tassel garlands in record time.

"I’ve been seeing DIY tassel garlands everywhere lately, and with my bestie getting her civil marriage done next week, I really wanted to learn how to make these as a mini prop for her photo shoot session at Fort Canning. This has to be one of the simplest ways of decorating a wedding or party. I know of a place that sells them for SGD$70, but why spend unnecessarily when you can make one in 30 minutes?" ~ Pearlyn 


Photo via Etsy.  

You will need:

1. Tissue paper or Mylar
2. Rope or baker's string
3. Scissors
4. Pencil
5. Ruler

SAM 00852

To get the length of tassels you want, use this simple formula: Xcm x 2 + 10cm. That's the length of tissue paper you will need. For this tutorial, I wanted my tassels to be 20cm long, thus, I needed 20cm x 2 + 10cm = 50cm of tissue paper.

Step 1: Fold a piece of tissue paper in half. (You can also fold it in half the other way, to cut less.)

SAM 0089

Step 2: Measure 5cm off from the folded side of the tissue. Draw a straight line across.

SAM 0096

SAM 0099

Step 3: Take a pair of scissors or a razor, and start cutting thin strips all the way to the end of the line you have just drawn.

SAM 0100

SAM 0103

Step 4: Once the cutting is done, unfold one of the tissue papers that you have just cut and lay it flat. Make sure to untangle any rogue tassels.

SAM 0105

Step 5: Begin rolling the tissue from the bottom upwards.

SAM 0106

SAM 0108

Step 6: Don't forget to make sure all the ends are untangled. Once completely rolled up, start twisting the middle area.

SAM 0109

SAM 0111

Step 7: Use a pencil, a satay stick (preferably), or something thinner and wrap the mid-section of the tissue around it.

SAM 0112

SAM 0114

Step 8: Gently, twist the tassel upwards to tighten it.

SAM 0115

SAM 0116

Step 9: Simply string your tassels together and voila, you're done!

SAM 0088

SAM 0118

(Reproduced with permission from Pearlyn K-Ong.)

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Thank you so much for sharing your DIY tutorial with us Pearlyn!

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