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DIY Rustic Hand-Tied Bridal Bouquet


DIY brides rejoice! Melissa Wang, creative director of Shop Wonderland – a lovely cafe, florist and workshop space rolled into one, teaches us how to create our very own rustic hand-tied floral arrangement in this video tutorial that will inspire brides-to-be to get crafty and create their own beautiful bouquets for that all-important day.

Materials Required:
- Twine
- Ribbon scissors
- Floral scissors
- Satin ribbon
- Lace ribbon
- Flowers and foliage of your choice. For this tutorial, we used spray roses, seeded populus roses, carnations, garden roses, dusty millers and coin eucalyptus.


Step 1. Select a focal flower, along with 2 – 3 filler flowers and 1 – 2 foliage types.


Step 2. Ready your floral scissors, twine and ribbon.


Step 3. Prepare your floral stalks by removing their leaves. Start with the floral stalk that inspires you most.


Step 4. Continue your bouquet by pairing floral colours and textures. Flowers can be arranged at varying heights for visual interest. As you arrange them, add foliage for more texture and movement.




Step 5: Trim the floral stalks slightly shorter when you are about done.


Step 6: Trim a generous length of twine to tie your bouquet.


Step 7: Trim a generous length of ribbon for your bouquet. You may layer 2 ribbons of different textures for more interest.


Step 8: Circle your bouquet a few times and tie a simple knot to hold it in place. Ensure your ribbon layers and knot are neat.



Step 9: Trim ribbon ends to different lengths for a natural finish.





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Vendor Information
Photography: Kai, Trouvé
Videography: Caleb, Twenty8picks
DIY Tutorial: Melissa, Shop Wonderland