Dominik and Nura's Cross-Cultural Wedding at The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore

Dominik and Nura’s Singapore wedding, planned by The Moment and captured by Andri Tei, invited guests to celebrate their beautiful love story. The couple chose a floating pod at The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore and the restaurant Spruce, to represent Nura’s island state and garden city home respectively, and both the bride and groom wore traditional Malay costumes at the walk-in for their Western-styled wedding reception. Also not to be missed is their “first look”. Dominik’s reaction to seeing Nura in her unstructured, flowy wedding dress before their ceremony is the sweetest!

Watch this short film of the couple's wedding day captured by RekordHaus...

How did you meet?
Dominik was studying in Singapore back in 2010. We met that year at a party. I was with a girlfriend, and he was with his friends. I remember noticing him glance over several times throughout the evening, but he would quickly look away whenever our eyes met. I thought it was really cute. It was only at the end of the evening when he found some courage to say hello. And that was all he said - I think he used up all his courage for that "hello". I took the cue then to make some small talk and found out he was from Munich, and coincidentally I was headed there the following month. This got the conversation going, we exchanged contacts and the rest is history.” ~ Nura

What was the proposal like?
Our story was a little complicated as we had not just long distance but cultural and religious barriers to overcome. We underwent two more years of long distance, and eventually found an opportunity to move to Shanghai together. Three years after that and a lot of topics having met their resolutions, he surprised me with a trip to Hong Kong, and completely blew me away with his surprise proposal. A year later, we officially tied the knot, surrounded by the supportive and lovely people who were there for us throughout this journey.” ~ Nura

What was your theme and colour palette?
We wanted something that reflected Singapore well, both as a garden as well as an island city. Therefore our smaller civil ceremony was held in the floating pod by the Singapore River at The Fullerton Bay Hotel. It was also a very appropriate location as we had our first date by Clifford Pier. 

For the dinner party, we decided on a venue to reflect Singapore as a green city, and we found Spruce at Phoenix Park to be a perfect fit with its semi-outdoor patio and courtyard for the traditional procession. Our décor focused on green foliage with a few accent flowers.” ~ Nura

How did you decorate your venues? Did you undertake any DIY projects? 
“We had a choice not to throw a party but since we decided to go ahead with one, we wanted to be very involved. I discussed the design for my gown with the talents at LovaWedding who then brought it to life. We both thought up of most of the decor ideas. However, putting the ideas together from abroad (we were planning our wedding parties from Shanghai) was a challenge and we definitely needed help from someone in Singapore. It was great fun to bounce ideas off Penny and Brian (The Moment) who lent us their expertise. We discussed the style we liked with Eliz (FleurBoutique) and left the flowers and arrangements in her creative hands.

Whatever else we were able to do on our own, we did, and we had so much fun with it all. I designed the invitations, envelope seals, wedding website and menus and also handwrote the place cards and the table seating plans.” ~ Nura

What sort of wedding favors did you opt for, and why?
Dominik loved the idea of highlighting the completely different backgrounds we come from. He wanted to create a Singapore and German pin as favours, whereas I thought of fans as a perfect wedding favour for warm Singapore. We decided to make both while we were in Shanghai, and designed the print for the fans accordingly.” ~ Nura

Do you have any other stories you’d like to share with us?
Our wedding party celebrated not only our union, but also the strength of friendship and support we had through the years. We wanted the party to be small enough for us to be able to spend equal time with everyone, and for it to feel like a big reunion of friends, so we kept the programme relaxed enough for us both to be able to join in every part of the party! We managed to dine, dance, and interact with everyone throughout the evening, which was exactly what we wanted. 

A favourite part of the evening was how international and culturally rich the night was – some turned up in their traditional costumes, and even our wedding was a mix of cultural traditions. We had the Malay procession in the evening, an impromptu Chinese yumseng toast, and Indian music mixed into our surprise first dance medley.

We did not have a DJ that evening but we asked our guests to RSVP with their dance song of choice which we collated and created a Spotify playlist with. It was like a jukebox party, and a whole lot of fun! We were also immensely moved by the fact that many of the guests had flown in from various places just to spend the day with us, with the craziest trip being that of a friend who flew all the way from San Francisco just for the weekend. It was incredibly beautiful for us to see all our favourite people under one roof, mingling with ease and just having fun with friends new and old.” ~ Nura

Any tips or wedding advice for other brides and grooms to-be?
Relax and enjoy the process. Remember that ultimately, the reason you're marrying one another is because you want to, and don't let all the little stressors along the way distract you from that. Budgeting is also a very real issue – save money wherever you can, but the one thing you should set aside a good amount for, is a good photographer. A good photographer is the best investment because everything else lasts only for a day, but the photographs and memories will last a lifetime.” ~ Nura

What do you think makes a strong marriage?
Keep an open mind and recognise that you'll always be two different individuals. Don't expect your partner to think, do, or be the same as you are. It's a constant learning journey and it doesn't end at marriage. Open communication is everything. Last piece of advice - don't listen to us, nobody actually knows anything! So just wing it!” ~ Nura


Congratulations on your marriage, Dominik and Nura! May it be every bit as beautiful as your wedding!

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Vendor Information
Number of Guests: 25 (lunch solemnisation) and 70 (dinner party)
Venues: Port of Call, The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore (lunch) and Coyote by Spruce (dinner)
Photography: Andri Tei
Wedding Dress: LovaWeddings
Bride's Shoes: Zalora
Groom's Outfits: Atelier Fusari (Shanghai) and Windsor
Groom's Shoes: Scarosso
Hair and Makeup: The Wedding Brocade
Flowers and Decor: The Moment and FleurBoutique
Stationery: The bride
Wedding Favours: Made in Shanghai
Planning: The Moment
Styling: The Moment and the bride and groom
Videography: RekordHaus