Emmanuel and Carissa’s Wild Forest-Themed Pre-Wedding Shoot In Selangor, Malaysia

Captured by Manoj Nair Photography in the tranquil farmgrounds within the Universiti Putra Malaysia in Selangor, Emmanuel and Carissa’s pre-wedding shoot was an immersive nature experience.

The bride-to-be’s red and pink floral bouquets and hair wreaths, artfully arranged by The Silver Lining, added bright pops of colour against a lush, leafy backdrop.

How did you meet?
We were college acquaintances. He was working in Texas at the time, and I was living in Malaysia. We'd been communicating for almost a year when he decided to fly back to Malaysia for a month to see if things would really work out, and they did! We did long distance for another year before he finally left his job in the States and came back here.” ~ Carissa

How did you know that he/she was “The One”?
Carissa has all the qualities that I look for in a wife and a mother that I'd like to raise my children with. We did pray together as well, and we both felt peace about taking this relationship to the next level.” ~ Emmanuel

Call me old-fashioned, but I've always believed in The One. This was something I'd been praying about for a while. The moment we started talking, I knew there was something different about him – and despite our differences, we share similar values and beliefs.” ~ Carissa

What do you love most about your partner? 
I love how patient and kind he is, and the way he encourages me to focus on the simple things in life that really matter. I've gained new perspectives because of him. He also has a goofy personality, which I love.” ~ Carissa

Her generosity! She's so generous with her love and her time. She’s a beautiful person inside and out!” ~ Emmanuel

What was the proposal like?
It was unique and romantic. We were glamping on the outskirts of Melbourne in the middle of winter, with kangaroos and other wild Australian animals outside, when he decided to pop the question. He also said, "This is the 888th day we've been together." That surprised me, because I didn't know he'd been counting!” ~ Carissa

I was a bit nervous. Initially, I wanted to propose at the peak of a mountain, but I was too shy as there were a lot of people around. I knew she wanted a private proposal, so I had to change my plans.” ~ Emmanuel

What was the inspiration behind your pre-wedding shoot?
We wanted a mix of rustic and greenery, and plenty of fresh natural light!” ~ Emmanuel and Carissa

Were there any interesting moments you experienced during the shoot?
We placed the bouquet on a fence for a few minutes, and one of the cows almost ate it! That's how good it looked.” ~ Emmanuel and Carissa

Do you have any tips and advice for couples planning pre-wedding shoots?
Trust your photographer to do his/her thing. Listen to his/her advice when outfit planning because he/she will be able to visualise how the colours and designs will come together against the background. We really appreciated our photographer's guidance.” ~ Emmanuel


Thank you for sharing these beautiful images with us, Emmanuel and Carissa!



Vendor Information
Locations: UPM Ladang 16 and UPM Forest in Selangor, Malaysia
Photography: Manoj Nair Photography
Makeup: Winnie L Artistry
Flowers: The Silver Lining