Fadzil and Sharon’s Wedding at Tanarimba Janda Baik, Malaysia

Here at TWS, we’re always happy to learn about couples who were able to plan their dream wedding with a little help from us, so when Sharon told us that she found their wedding venue, Tanarimba Janda Baik, through our site, we couldn’t have been more thrilled. She and Fadzil rode from Singapore all the way up to Kuala Lumpur on their motorcycles to celebrate their wedding in an intimate ceremony shot by Daren Chong Photography.

How did you meet?
“I actually didn’t have a good first impression of her. I was coordinating the touch rugby match for Interfaculty Games in Year 1, and she sent me a message last minute to say she was ill. I was quite mad, and soon I became determined to find out who this Sharon was. As it turned out, when I first saw her several months later outside the lecture theatre of one of the classes we shared, I knew I couldn’t stay mad at her. I thought she was cute on her (then) Vespa too, but never dared to speak to her until much later on.” ~ Fadzil

How did he propose?
“You might say the sequence of events is a bit strange, but he proposed while we were on a trip to recce our wedding venue! We knew we wanted to get married, but he had yet to propose. It was a long day for us – we woke up early to drive all the way to KL, and spent the day visiting the venue and looking for vendors.

A few of our friends went with us on the trip, and they knew about the proposal beforehand. After dinner, we took a stroll just outside KLCC. It was then that he got down on one knee and proposed to me with a Ring Pop! There was no diamond ring involved because I specifically told him that I would prefer a Ducati. Of course, I didn’t get a Ducati in the end but the Ring Pop was so cute and nostalgic that it made me laugh. He chose to propose in KL because it was where we had our very first serious conversation about life (over cups of Starbucks, no less) back in 2009. The whole proposal was very low-key, just the way I preferred it.” ~ Sharon

What made you decide to get married at Janda Baik, Malaysia?
“You might not believe me, but I saw this particular post on TWS and told myself, ‘This is the one!’. We tried to stay away from the typical Singaporean hotel wedding, and at the same time we wanted to keep the affair intimate by only inviting those closest to our hearts. Thankfully, my parents agreed (thanks to my sisters who have given them their fair share of grand hotel weddings) and allowed us to do whatever we wanted. One of the reasons we chose Malaysia is so that our guests would have several transportation options to suit their preferences and budgets, whether it be flying, driving or taking a coach.

We did consider other venues in Malaysia, but no other place really gave us the same vibe as Janda Baik did, even if it was only through pictures on the Internet! Janda Baik quickly became the obvious choice, given the beautiful landscape and its high ceiling with glass panels. We initially thought that the higher altitude would also mean cooler weather, but we found that is no longer true.” ~ Sharon

What was the theme of your wedding?
“I really liked the contrast of dark colours against white, so we decided to go for a colour palette of navy blue and wine red. The Tanarimba Visitors Centre is not only set in nature, but also made almost entirely of wood, so naturally our wedding had a rustic feel.” ~ Sharon

How did you decorate your venue? Did you undertake any DIY projects?
“We had set a budget for ourselves and had a hard time deliberating whether we should engage a local stylist or get a friend to help us with our wedding. Eventually, our very talented friend (who is also a graphic designer) convinced us to let her manage the wedding décor so we could cut costs. It was a huge risk; she had not had the opportunity to see the venue beforehand and planned the whole thing based on the pictures that we took. Nonetheless, we made it work and she did a beautiful job styling the venue. In addition, I did the all the calligraphy myself because I love craft projects.” ~ Sharon

What wedding favours did you opt for, and why?
“Because our wedding guests were close family and friends who knew about everything we went through to get married, we thought that the wedding might be an emotional affair. We wanted to give something practical to our guests, so we chose to give out handkerchiefs - old-school style.” ~ Sharon

Is there anything else you’d like share with us?
“The wedding planning was difficult, and at times, heartbreaking. Fadzil’s family did not approve of our civil marriage, so his family was not represented at our wedding. Also, some of our friends backed out just two or three weeks before our wedding day, and our guest list kept shrinking as the big day approached. Nonetheless, we were deeply touched by everyone who took the time and effort to be present on that day. We knew it wasn’t easy getting to the venue from Singapore, especially since none of our guests live in Malaysia!

We also had a major crisis two days before the wedding when we discovered that Fadzil had lost his passport somewhere along the North-South Highway. Both of us rode our motorcycles to the venue, and at some point we realised that his passport was nowhere to be found. After spending some time looking around and retracing our steps, we gave up any hope of finding his passport and hurried to lodge a report at the Singapore Embassy. We were devastated because we had plans to ride up north to Thailand for our honeymoon right after the wedding, and a lost passport meant that our only option would be to go back home. However, a kind Singaporean motorcyclist picked up Fadzil’s passport from a road cleaner and posted a picture of it on social media. One of Fadzil’s friends recognised him and quickly connected us with the kind soul. We managed to retrieve his passport the next day, just in time for our big day. We felt grateful and blessed to be able to embark on our honeymoon, or as we like to call it, our #honeyvroom.” ~ Sharon


Here are a couple of snaps from Fadzil and Sharon’s #honeyvroom:


Congratulations on your marriage, Fadzil and Sharon! May it be every bit as beautiful as your wedding!



Vendor Information
No. of Guests: 90
Venue: Tanarimba Visitors Centre, Janda Baik, Malaysia
Photography: Daren Chong Photography
Wedding Dress: White One by Pronovias Fashion Group
Bride’s Shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Groom’s Outfit: Picadilly Custom Tailors
Groom’s Shoes: Zara
Jewellery: Choo Yilin
Hair and Makeup: Raynis Chow
Bridal Bouquet: Flora Hera
Wedding Arch: Tish
Flowers and Wedding Favours: DIY (fresh flowers from Lee Wah Florist)
Décor: Sarah of Sarah and Schooling
Stationery: designed by Sarah of Sarah and Schooling, printed by The Gentlemen’s Press
Videography: Wheres The Fish Productions