Five Questions with Lily Chew of Wishing Tree

Photo by Adam Ong

Who could have guessed that what started out as a humble flower shop in Kuala Lumpur would eventually bloom into what we now know as Wishing Tree? Their team of dedicated floral designers and wedding decorators make use of flowers from all over the globe to create jaw-dropping arrangements, and today they’re one of the most sought after stylists in the city.

We sat down with Wishing Tree’s founder, Lily Chew, for today’s installment of Five Questions.

Photo by Adam Ong

TWS: How did you get started in the wedding industry and what do you love most about being in it?

Lily: I have always loved floral design and arrangements. So, after I moved to Malaysia to be with my husband, I opened a small flower shop in Kuala Lumpur to keep myself occupied. It was then that I discovered my passion for wedding floral design and eventually ventured into the wedding industry.

I love that floral design goes beyond just flowers. It’s exciting to keep up with the latest trends, be it in weddings or even in fashion, as it gives me inspiration and ideas for my next creations.

Photos by Louis Loo

TWS: What would you say has been your favourite wedding experience and why?

Lily: I love meeting people. I love working towards building a good relationship with my clients right from our first meeting, to the point of creating a friendship that sometimes lasts even beyond the wedding. There is always a wonderful sense of achievement when we bring a couple's wedding dreams to fruition, especially if the project was particularly challenging to execute.

Soren and Lavinne's wedding, as featured on The Wedding Scoop Malaysia.

Soren and Lavinne's wedding as featured on The Wedding Scoop Malaysia (Photos by Axioo)

Photo by Mea How of MPHOTOO

TWS: What's that one special ingredient that you think has helped push you to the top of the industry?

Lily: Our fantastic team of experienced floral designers, of course. Our passion for what we do and our never ending quest to challenge ourselves to create unique and distinctive floral arrangements have made us who we are today. That, coupled with great teamwork, lots of patience and being able to take pride in our work.

Photos by Sara Lam

Photos by Louis Loo

TWS: Finish this sentence: I am a wedding floral designer and stylist but...

Lily: If I were to pursue my passion elsewhere, I would probably be an interior designer. Floral arrangements play a major part in the creation of a wedding’s ambience, but aspects like lighting, decor, and the arrangement of the furniture and props down to the smallest details make the entire experience complete.

Photos by Jon Low

Photo by Louis Loo

TWS: What are some of your top tips for couples planning their weddings?

Lily: Couples should do the research and look up their favourite styles, colours, flowers and/or the theme that they would like to have. It’s important to share your ideas, likes and dislikes with your decorator so they can truly understand your taste and style. This adds a more personal touch to the entire decorative scheme. Moreover, couples will be able to feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that they had a hand to play in the creation of the wedding experience. That being said, do trust your decorator and leave the rest in their good hands.

Jin and Su's wedding, as featured on The Wedding Scoop Malaysia (Photo by Louis Loo)

Photo by Adam Ong

Wishing Tree's founder, Lily Chew


Thank you very much for your time, Lily, and for sharing your thoughts with us! We're sure our readers enjoyed gaining some insight into your beautiful creations!


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