Five Questions with Munkeat of Munkeat Photography

We’re all about giving you the very latest on the local wedding scene here on The Wedding Scoop Malaysia, and today we couldn’t be more delighted to kickstart a brand new interview series where we take a dip into the minds of the biggest and brightest talents in the industry.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Munkeat of Munkeat Photography has made a name for himself as a specialist in destination weddings, as well as fine art portrait and travel photography. With an approach that combines the best of digital and film photography, his signature style is simple, classic and timeless.

TWS: Hi Munkeat, thanks for taking the time to speak with us today! To start things off, how did you get started in the wedding industry and what do you love most about being in it??

Munkeat: Ironically, when I first started photography more than ten years ago, I wasn't drawn to portrait photography at all. I was more of a travel and street photography kind of guy, but I shot some bands and CD covers on an ad-hoc basis. Being in my mid-twenties then, I started to get flooded with requests from my peers to cover their weddings. It was only then that I started to appreciate portrait and wedding photography more, especially from a journalistic approach. I really enjoy shooting and seeing my work being appreciated; it’s what keeps me going.

TWS: Describe your favourite wedding style or trend at the moment.

?Munkeat: I have no particular theme preference, but working with something fresh and original is always inspiring for me.

TWS: What's that one special ingredient that you think has helped push you to the top of the industry??

Munkeat: It’s simple… Have fun! Enjoying your work and the companionship of the people you are working with is key. Every client is different and I believe that understanding each individual’s needs and expectations is crucial. Also, it's important to avoid getting burnt out by doing too many weddings in a year. It might be rewarding or lucrative, but I limit myself to shooting only one wedding per weekend so that I have sufficient time to rest and have the energy to keep going in the long run.

TWS: Finish this sentence: If I wasn't a wedding photographer, I would be...

?Munkeat: If I wasn't a wedding photographer, I would be a sound engineer. I really love music… if only I had a better voice!

TWS: What are some of your top tips for couples planning their weddings?

1. Start planning early and book your vendors as soon as possible. 
2. Estimate your budget and prioritise your expenditures accordingly. 
3. Colour coordinate your wedding. It’s the easiest thing to do and it has a huge impact on the photos and videos.
4. Be yourself… and find a theme that suits you both. 
5. I can never stress this enough: Have fun on your wedding day! After all, that’s the point of the whole celebration.


Thank you very much for your time Munkeat and for sharing your thoughts with us, we're sure our readers enjoyed getting to know the man behind the cam! ;)


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