Gabriel and Sarah’s Wedding at the Museum of Contemporary Arts

We’re all for unique spaces which help tell the stories of couples getting married. Gabriel and Sarah’s wedding, shot by Samuel Goh Photography, was held at the Museum of Contemporary Arts (MoCA@Loewen) in Dempsey, and it turned out to be the perfect place for the couple to showcase their love story to guests - in what else but true museum-exhibit style.

Here's a peek at Gabriel and Sarah's engagement and wedding rings...

Ring photos by Jan Kok (friend of the couple) and Samuel Tan (groom's brother)

How did you meet?
“Sarah and Gabe met four years ago at their previous workplace. Gabe noticed Sarah during a company introduction session but didn't speak to her until she first chatted with him when they both took a lift down together. Sarah still denies that she chatted Gabe up but she knows it's true. 

Gabe asked Sarah out a few times and he thought everything was going well with her. However, Gabe was not aware that Sarah had immediately placed him in the friend zone because of how different Sarah thought they were.

Gabe turned things around however and managed to catch Sarah's attention when he gave her a personalised View-Master for her birthday and for the next nine months, Gabe slowly worked his way out of the friend zone with his wit, charm, and good looks.” 

How did he propose?
“Since Gabe first managed to get Sarah's attention when he gave her a personalised View-Master (the old red colour model with click wheel), he thought it would be a good idea to create another custom View-Master for the proposal and he came up with an elaborate plan to con Sarah into going back to their old workplace on a public holiday since that's where they first met. He even faked an email from his boss saying there was a complimentary meal at a nice restaurant, and a story about how an ex-colleague lost her work pass near the restaurant which he conveniently retrieved during dinner that gave them access to their old workplace. He played a video for Sarah and as she was scrolling through the proposal View-Master, he was on his knee proposing to her. It took awhile for Sarah to say ‘yes’ because she was crying out of fear but eventually she did say ‘yes’.”

What was your theme and colour palette?
“Our colour palette was white, hunter green and gold. Everything else was personalised based on what we were inspired by on Pinterest, Etsy and our own design aesthetics. Our theme was somewhat rustic though this was not deliberate. The one thing that we didn't want was a cookie cutter wedding and we made it our own with little unconventional touches such as our personalised cereal boxes, wedding invites, and the dinner program/menu which we designed on our own. We wanted our wedding to be a celebration of not just our marriage but of family and friends coming together.” ~ Gabriel and Sarah

How did you decorate your venues?
“We were initially quite keen on Open Farm Community but the configuration of the space was a little odd so we decided to check out the rest of the options at Dempsey which led us to accidentally discover the Museum of Contemporary Arts which we immediately felt was right for our wedding. Initially we considered having the ceiling decked out with hanging flowers with a massive centerpiece as well as tall florals at each table as the dinner venue had a high ceiling but we had budget constraints. We also didn't want to use the museum's house lights which were quite glaring so the combination of our budget constraints and lighting led us to a combination of drapes and fairy lights. We also knew that we wanted to dance when the 'old folks' left, so we thought of having a patch of artificial grass laid out where everyone could kick up their heels and have fun! 

The first course of our dinner was served family style and all the starter dishes were laid out on the table so we had to make some changes to our table florals to cater to this arrangement. 

We borrowed the museum's pedestals to mock up our own little exhibition since our venue was a museum. Instead of the typical wedding video of the couple growing up etc., we displayed aspects of our lives such as school report cards, relationship stuff such as musicals and plays we caught together, the two View-Masters, Emergenetics personality profiles and photos to help our guests know us better.” ~ Gabriel and Sarah

Did you undertake any DIY projects?
“We designed a bunch of stuff including:

- Invites which were letterpressed in Bangkok

- Wedding favours which were custom made cereal boxes (Tri-Sarah Pops and Gab'n Crunch). The caricatures were drawn and coloured by a local designer (Tanky). We packed all 200 boxes on our own with real cereal

- Dinner programme and menu were designed by Gabe and approved by Sarah

- Name place cards

- Lucky draw mad libs: each entry had two questions such as "Give us your best date idea" or "What should we do on our first anniversary" 

- Sarah and Gabe's personal exhibition with accompanying captions

- Kids’ goodie bags packed with Duplo blocks and Ikea finger puppets to help parents through the dinner

- Table numbers, which were literal mini tables from Daiso with numbers mounted on them

- Award trophies (early bird, best photo and best sidekicks)” ~ Gabriel and Sarah

What sort of wedding favours did you opt for, and why?
“We wanted our wedding favours to be personalised and were inspired by custom cereal boxes we previously saw and thought it would be cool to have our own brand of cereal so we played off existing brands such as Coco Pops (Tri-Sarah Pops) and Cap'n Crunch (Gab'n Crunch). 

We engaged a local designer to draw and colour the front and back of the boxes and we personalized the sides with a thank you message and random fun facts about each other. Each cereal box had real cereal in it for our guests to take home and enjoy after the dinner and for their hangover.” ~ Gabriel and Sarah

Any tips or wedding advice for other brides and grooms to-be?
“1. Pinterest and Etsy are both endless pits of inspiration that will pull you in many directions. Just be sure to add in your flavour to the entire event to make it your own.

2. Have good support around the both of you because you might want to give up planning every two weeks.

3. Look overseas for alternatives such as dried flowers or printing jobs.

4. Be ready to quarrel. A lot. Because wedding planning on top of work, accommodating family requests, and spending a lot of your own money can be quite stressful. Try your best to take little breaks like crying in a corner or go have some good hawker food.

5. There is an end in sight. And it will be the most rewarding feeling once everything is over so you can both work towards that common goal.” ~ Gabriel and Sarah

What do you think makes a strong marriage?
“1. Any form of marriage preparation course would be a good start.

2. 60-40. Even though Sarah doesn't subscribe to this theology, Gabe is a believer that if each person has the mentality of giving 60% to the marriage, it will work. People always see marriage as 50-50 where everything needs to be equally split which in most cases is not true. Instead, if both parties give 60% and take 40%, it avoids any clash in the middle for saying, "Now, it's your turn". With 60/40, couples don't intersect and overlap because they’re each giving 60.

3. Remember what makes you guys you – continue to do the little things such as write cards, give mini surprises, or try out new experiences together.” ~ Gabriel and Sarah


Congratulations on your marriage, Gabriel and Sarah! May it be every bit as beautiful as your wedding!


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Vendor Information
Venues: Church of Saints Peter and Paul, Singapore and Museum of Contemporary Arts (MoCA@Loewen)
Photography: Samuel Goh Photography
Wedding Dress: Ong Shunmugam
Party Gown: ASOS
Bride’s Shoes: Aldo
Bridesmaid Dresses: ASOS
Groom’s Outfits: Tailored in Bangkok and Edit Suits
Groom’s Shoes: Benjamin Barker
Jewellery: Ilya Diamonds
Hair and Makeup: Cleo Chang
Flowers: Fleurapy
Decor: Chuan Lam Production, and the bride and groom
Guestbook: Etsy
Cake: Baked by couple’s friends Dionne and Su Xin
Catering: Neo Garden (church lunch reception) and OSO Ristorante (dinner reception)
Entertainment/Emcee: Daryl Epimaco, The Lone Crow
Rentals: XOXO & Co. (tables and chairs)
Arcade Game and Photo Booth: Kaisheng Concepts
Videography: Rainer Chia