Gareth and Jia Le's Simple Solemnisation by Singapore's Youngest Wedding Photographer

Would you entrust a teenager with your wedding photos? Today’s bride and groom did. In a leap of faith, Gareth and Jia Le engaged 15-year-old Klaus Tan of Chuttersnap to capture their solemnisation. Judging by these sweet snaps of the schoolyard sweethearts, it looks like picking Singapore’s youngest professional wedding photographer was a delightful decision!

Please tell us more about how you picked your photographer?
“We came to know Klaus and Chuttersnap while browsing through Gumtree’s classified advertisements. Subsequently, we saw his portfolio on Flickr and liked his clean, modern photojournalistic style. Hence we decided to approach him for our solemnisation event.” ~ Gareth

Please tell us more about your experience of putting your wedding in the hands and lens of someone so young?
“Honestly, it was a huge bet to have someone so young (15 years of age) shoot our solemnisation event. But, it paid off handsomely and the photographer, Klaus from Chuttersnap did not fail to impress. Even though he’s only 15, he amazed us with his professionalism from the first meeting to discuss the event details and signing the agreement contract, to his punctuality and instructions on how to pose on the day of the solemnisation.” ~ Gareth

How did you meet?
“Our story started in junior college 10 years ago, while we were still wearing school uniforms. It was a typical high school love story: Boy meets girl, was mesmerised and went on a charm offensive, girl thought he was cool and funny, said 'yes', and the courtship began.” ~ Gareth and Jia Le

How did he propose?
“Gareth proposed mid-air in a cable car. We made plans to have a dinner date on our 99th-month celebration. However, he did not tell me the dinner location beforehand. That evening, Gareth drove us up to Mount Faber and I sat in the car feeling really pleased with the thought that we will be having our celebratory dinner at the peak of Mount Faber. When we reached the top, he surprised me by saying that he had booked the cable car sky dining instead. Upon boarding the cable car, I saw a huge bouquet of 99 roses placed on the table. Food was served promptly and we had a great time savouring the food while enjoying the breathtaking views up in the air. Shortly after admiring the beautiful sunset, Gareth knelt down before me to propose and of course, I said 'yes'.” ~ Jia Le

“There’s no way she could have said 'no' while being stuck in a cable car with me.” ~ Gareth

What was your theme and colour palette?
“Instead of the conventional classic white, we chose a matching pastel mint green colour theme for our solemnisation event.” ~ Gareth and Jia Le

Do you have any tips for other brides-to-be who are planning their weddings?
“For added creativity, get inspiration from online websites like Pinterest and The Wedding Scoop. Next, weddings can be a rather costly affair. Always discuss with your partner about the best available options, have a budget in mind and work within it.” ~ Gareth and Jia Le

Do you have any interesting moments or stories to share from the wedding?
“I did not believe in the ‘something will go wrong on your wedding day’ myth until it actually occurred. Luckily for us, it was only after the event ended. In the evening, we were back home and the most uncanny thing happened. A cyclist knocked into our stationary family car parked at the open carpark. The cyclist was alright but our car’s number plate came off dented. We had never been involved in any traffic incident, and of all days, this happened on the wedding day. According to my dad, he got it worse for his wedding day. The tyre of his wedding car actually burst and he had to get it fixed before fetching the bride (my mum). We had a good laugh about it.” ~ Gareth

What do you think makes a strong marriage?
“To quote from the book 'Jane Eyre' by Charlotte Brontë, ‘I ask you to pass through life at my side — to be my second self, and best earthly companion.’ It’s important to communicate well and treat your spouse as your best companion. Always be truthful and faithful to your better half, as he or she is someone to cherish, someone to ride the exciting peaks and troughs of life with.” ~ Gareth and Jia Le

A word from Klaus of Chuttersnap…
“I'm Singapore's youngest wedding photographer, currently 15 years young! As a child, it always intrigued me when others took photographs of me. I've always wondered how it would feel to be on the other side of the camera. And so I took on photography. Realising how the simple pleasures of a photograph could greatly bring the joy and excitement to others, I decided to enter the business of wedding photography seriously. Growing up self-taught in this craft, I'd eagerly await the latest posts on The Wedding Scoop for inspiration and concepts to experiment on my free time. Having done countless portraits for my friends and family, I took the leap into wedding photography at the age of 15. I enjoy seeing the smiles and delight of couples when receiving the day's shots! Here I am now, capturing one of the ultimate pleasures in the world: Getting married to the love of one's life.”



Congratulations on your marriage, Gareth and Jia Le! May it be every bit as beautiful as your wedding!



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Vendor Information
Venue: Registry of Marriages, Singapore
Photography: Klaus, Chuttersnap
Wedding Dress: JARLO from ASOS
Bride’s Shoes: Charles and Keith
Groom’s Outfits: Alex’s Fashion
Groom’s Shoes: Hush Puppies
Jewellery: The Canary Diamond (engagement ring and wedding bands) and TianPo Jewellery (earrings)
Hair and Makeup: Tangyong Hair and Makeup Artist
Flowers: Star Florist
Stationery / Paper Goods: DIY