Gorgeously Gritty Day After Wedding Photo Shoot in a Shipping Container Yard

Lady luck was on the side of newlyweds Joshua, Cheryl and their photographer Joseph of Super Panda Presents as they stumbled upon a gritty shipping container yard while driving around Tuas. The result is a series of photos which juxtapose a gorgeously groomed couple with a setting that’s a little tough and rough around the edges. Brilliant!

Here's a closer look at bride Cheryl's beautiful custom wedding gown with an embellished cape by Jessicacindy:

How did you meet?
“Josh moved to Singapore from New Zealand 6 years ago after his graduation to look for a job. He is half Singaporean so he has family here. One night in Feb 2011, Cheryl was having drinks with her friends at CMPB (Dempsey) when she was introduced to Josh through mutual friends. She was encouraged by her friends to show him the fun side of Singapore as he was new in town. They agreed to meet up that following Friday and she took him to Lantern at Fullerton Bay where they had a 3-hour conversation over cocktails (followed by a night of partying). The rest they say...is history.” ~ Cheryl

What was the proposal like?
“We were in Canada with my dad and sister. I guessed that Josh would propose during this trip because I knew he was already looking for a ring. I previously told him I’d like for the whole thing to be filmed so that I could look back on this memory in the future, so I expected that he would have asked my dad/sister to help with this. When they left for home to celebrate Christmas (Josh and I stayed on in Canada for a white Christmas), I thought to myself in the morning, “My family is not here to help film anymore, I don’t think there will be a proposal this trip.” That Christmas afternoon, Josh asked me to head outside our hotel in the Canadian Rockies to take a video selfie of the view and to record it to wish everyone Merry Christmas. While filming ourselves using the selfie stick, he took a box out of his pocket and opened it! It was a really nice surprise considering I was no longer expecting it to happen.

After I smiled and stopped the video recording, we went back inside the hotel.  5 minutes later, I looked at my hand and realised that he had closed the box after proposing and forgot to put the ring on my finger!

Not many people know this but there was actually a 2nd proposal. I teased Josh about how he did not get down on one knee during the proposal and how he forgot to put the ring on my finger. Little did I know that he felt bad about it and decided to plan a second proposal. As we also had a wedding in Bali, during that weekend, our bridal party participated in an escape room challenge as part of our activities and Josh had requested the escape room company to put a handwritten clue from him in one of the rooms. This clue led to several other clues in Bali and Singapore. The last clue was to get me to order a specific drink at Lantern (the place where we had our first date) and in that glass there was a ring. This time he did get down on one knee and remembered to put the ring on my finger!” ~ Cheryl

A word from Joseph of Super Panda Presents…
"Doing a photo shoot at a shipping container yard has been on my bucket list for the longest time. We found the location by accident while driving around Tuas. These guys had swag enabled by default. I didn’t have to coax it out of them. They conquered the place as soon as they stepped into it."


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Vendor Information
Photography: Super Panda Presents
Wedding Dress: Jessicacindy