Honour the Meaning but Change the Methods: How Brides are Bringing a Modern Twist to their Wedding Jewellery

Gold has traditionally been recognised as a luxurious, lavish material, which is why it features heavily in a bride-to-be’s Si Dian Jin (四点金) set. Consisting of a necklace, ring, bangle and a pair of earrings, this custom holds great significance in many Chinese weddings as it represents welcoming the bride into her new family, and is a way of the mother-in-law saying that the bride will always be taken care of.

These days, however, women are turning to less conventional, but no less important, ways to honour this enduring practice. How? By opting for wedding jewellery that will withstand the test of time, such as pearls.

Pearls then and now

Throughout the ages, pearls have been perceived as having a rare and delicate nature, which is why they are prized as symbols of nobility and royalty. A Chinese emperor once described pearls as “A Touch Above Gold”. Pearl jewellery is regarded as both timeless and feminine – a perception that persists even to today.

It’s hardly a surprise, then, that pearls are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. They’ve been spotted everywhere at Fashion Week this season: think Chanel’s pearly statement pieces, Prabal Gurung’s pearl-studded earrings and Oscar de la Renta’s pearl and chain necklaces.

A treasured tradition

Si Dian Jin is a lovely way to add a traditional touch to the biggest day of every bride-to-be's life. Paying homage to your cultural roots and having pieces like these to treasure for a lifetime can be an amazing way to memorialise your special day. These jewellery pieces also hold stories that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Brides-to-be who desire to celebrate cultural customs without compromising on style will be delighted to hear that Singapore-based jewellery brand Carrie K. has created wearable, modern alternatives to the traditional Si Dian Jin jewellery set.

Carrie K. works directly with pearl farmers to offer an array of beautifully lustrous pearls. Every item in the collection is created to be “A Touch Above Gold”. There are freshwater pearls, which are consistent in shape and lustre; akoya pearls, which have a rounder shape and a more radiant sheen; and south sea pearls, which are rarer, come in larger sizes, and boast a glistening finish.

The brand also doesn’t just carry white pearls – they offer options in cream, grey, and black as well, to match every woman’s unique fashion sensibilities. Every pearl has been carefully selected with the utmost attention to quality.

Endless styling possibilities

But that’s not the only way that Carrie K. is changing up the game. It’s also taken things to the next level by offering customisable pearl jewellery, allowing you to create over 160 different looks! Case in point: Every look featured in this article has been styled with the same set of pearls, and showcases how you can wear it both classily and casually.

All this is possible because of the Carrie K. Duō, an interchangeable clasp that connects two parts of the Carrie K pearl necklace together. This enables you to change up the configuration of your jewellery to suit every occasion, whether wedding or otherwise. Turn it into a double choker, a long necklace trailing down your front or back, or give it an avant-garde, asymmetrical spin – the choice is entirely yours, and you won’t have to worry about your Si Dian Jin pieces not matching your wedding gown anymore!

There are currently 20 Duō accessories available in a wide range of stylish designs. Made from 925 silver, 9k or 18k gold, some feature gorgeous gemstones such as amethyst or topaz for striking splashes of colour. Others have been fashioned into heart-shaped lockets for a romantic allure, or star-shaped clips for a touch of dramatic flair.

In short: Carrie K.'s pearl necklaces are designed to be especially versatile, allowing you to wear it not just on your wedding day, but every day after. It’ll take you from your tea ceremony and dinner reception to date night and work with no fuss at all!

Whether you (or your mother-in-law) are looking for an elegant and sophisticated jewellery set to pair with your bridal wardrobe, or an alternative and trendy Si Dian Jin set perfect as a contemporary family heirloom, Carrie K.’s clever and inventive update to classic pearl jewellery will meet your every need seamlessly.

Sign up for Carrie K.'s complimentary Pearl Bar workshop and make an appointment to browse the Pearls and Gold Si Dian Jin sets in person!



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