How Yoga Is Helping Me Get Zen and in Shape for My Big Day


Knowing all eyes will be on you during the big day is enough to give any bride the motivation to get into tip-top shape! Today, we’re delighted to chat with Lucy, a lovely bride-to-be, about her wedding day preparations and how starting classes at Pure Yoga is strengthening her body ahead of her nuptials. Beyond the physical benefits, yoga also calms her mind while she makes important plans for the big day and this mindfulness helps her face her wedding plans with renewed vigour.

TWS: Hi Lucy! Let’s begin with an introduction. Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Lucy: Hi there, thanks for having me! I’m a lifestyle blogger based in Singapore and my blog “Lulabelle Lifestyle” covers everything and anything to do with having fun in life especially in Singapore.

TWS: We understand you’ll be getting married soon. Please tell us where you are in the planning process?

Lucy: We are currently in the very early stages of planning and are about to secure our venue! Organising a wedding in the UK when we are based in Singapore is definitely going to add to the challenge but after spending a few weeks back in the UK venue-hunting we are so excited to share our special day with our family and friends. Once we have secured our venue all of the extra fun details can start, such as designing our wedding stationery, choosing our flowers and decorations, and not to mention choosing the dress! Here’s a moodboard with flower, cake, table setting and lighting inspiration for my wedding. My aim is to create a quintessentially English country style wedding with soft accessories and colours.


From top left clockwise: 1. Wedding cake from Rock My Wedding 2. Florals from Pink Peonies. 3. Tablescape from Save On Crafts 4. Florals from The Wedding of my Dreams.

TWS: What about your dress?

Lucy: I have a picture of my dream dress which I now need to track down, I never like making things easy for myself! Without giving too much away, it will be pretty and feminine with lots of detail. My favourite celebrity wedding dress is Kate Middleton’s. I love the elegance of Kate’s dress and the delicate lace sleeves adding texture and a gorgeous sense of femininity.


Kate in her gorgeous Alexander McQueen wedding dress from Huffington Post.

TWS: How and why did you get into yoga?

Lucy: After spending years studying at a computer and then working in an office job in London before moving to Singapore, I felt I needed to do exercises that would stretch my tight muscles whilst also helping to tone, and yoga fit the bill. Now that I am writing every day at my computer I definitely love heading to yoga classes to get my fitness fix for the day. I attended yoga classes every week for a year whilst I was living in London, and since moving to Singapore it has taken me a while to find the right yoga studio for me. Pure Yoga is exactly what I was looking for - they are friendly, situated in a very convenient location for me, with up-to-date and modern studios (no old or dirty changing rooms) and provide a very relaxed environment. I can’t stand it when yoga studios take themselves too seriously and intimidate their clientele. It should be about keeping fit and enjoying yourself.

TWS: What kind of yoga do you practice and why? Tell us about a few of your favourite classes.

Lucy: I am really enjoying the Vinyasa classes due to the flowing and continual movements, plus I always look forward to the relaxation segment at the end of the class after all of my hard work, to just take a moment to be still. I haven't had a chance to experience classes with all of the teachers at Pure, but I have really enjoyed Azmi and Dagge's classes due to their encouraging and helpful teaching methods.

TWS: What is the greatest benefit that yoga has brought you?

Lucy: My muscles feel stronger and the tension in my back and shoulders has definitely diminished. I look forward to seeing some physical changes soon! I also feel far more relaxed after I attend a class, and this tends to last for the rest of the day. Yoga also helps me to slow down as I can be guilty of trying to do too much in one day. So far I haven’t found the wedding planning too stressful although thinking of my growing ‘to do’ list gives me butterflies in my stomach! Yoga helps me switch off and not think about what I need to do next or what I have forgotten to do. The relaxation that yoga brings helps me to keep a calm head and make my wedding plans efficiently and effectively. I consider my yoga sessions as real ‘me’ time which is a necessity for me so I don’t become overworked!








TWS: What are your personal health and fitness goals?

Lucy: My goal is to eat healthy and non-processed foods, which is why I regularly cook at home so I know exactly what is going into each meal. I also aim to incorporate my yoga with cardio exercises to help burn off that sweet treat I sometimes can’t resist!

TWS: In your opinion, what type of bride-to-be should give yoga a try?

Lucy: Absolutely any bride-to-be should try yoga. It’s a great way to switch off and not think about any wedding planning worries you may have, it’s a real stress-buster!

TWS: Do you have any favourite yoga poses or moves that our readers can replicate at home?

Lucy: The cobra pose and cat and cow pose are my two favourites for stretching my back, which usually feels really tight.


Lucy in the cobra pose.


Lucy in the cat and cow pose.

TWS: What else are you doing to help prepare you for the big day?

Lucy: I have a real sweet tooth and a love for freshly baked bread – my two vices. So I am trying to cut down on both of these and only treat myself occasionally. I don’t believe in cutting anything out of my diet, but just having everything in moderation and to exercise more.

TWS: Is your fiancé also doing yoga to prepare for the wedding?

Lucy: No, he is more of a team sport player so football comes top of his list.

TWS: What are some tips and suggestions you have for brides (and grooms-to-be) thinking about embarking on a health and fitness programme in preparation for the big day?

Lucy: Don’t starve yourself! Seriously, where is the fun in that? Life is for living and enjoying and if you really fancy that little treat then go for it but just make sure you are doing some form of exercise at least 5 times a week. You don’t want the year leading up to the happiest day of your life spent being miserable!

TWS: We hear you're a bit of a foodie, do you have any secret date night spots in Singapore?

Lucy: Ah yes, is it that obvious? I do love good food and Singapore is the place to find it, and I love that I now get to share all of the best places to head to with my readers on my blog. Since becoming engaged in Japan I have a bit of an obsession with sushi at the moment and the best place in town in my opinion has got to be Tatsuya – you will find us here on every special occasion and a few date nights in between.

TWS: We also hear you're passionate about travel, what're your quick weekend getaway recommendations and where will you be wandering for your honeymoon?

Lucy: I love to travel and experience new cultures and watch the sun set all over the world. Singapore is fantastic for island-hopping and getting away for the weekend with only an hour or two flight time. One of my favourite places for a quick getaway is Langkawi. We stayed at The Danna Hotel and it was so beautiful. I also loved Bangkok for a girls’ weekend as the food and nightlife were ridiculously good. For our honeymoon we are looking for a mix of sightseeing and sunbathing so we are thinking about heading to New Zealand for a week before heading to somewhere like French Polynesia – the best of both worlds.

TWS: Finally, please share some of your top tips and/or advice for couples planning their weddings!

Lucy: Enjoy it! I have heard so many stories of people saying how stressful it was and how it ruined the lead up to their big day and I think that is just so sad. Fundamentally it is about two people who love each other coming together and sharing this with their closest family and friends, so who cares if you couldn’t get that particular colour of rose or if every wine glass isn’t exactly the same? Don’t lose sight of what your special day actually represents. And if you feel like you need some professional guidance, get online and visit some of the fantastic wedding blogs out there for lots of tips and inspiration!

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