How to Plan an HDB or Condo Home Wedding

Congratulations, you’ve got the keys to your HDB flat! Now for the ultimate housewarming party, what about holding your wedding ceremony and reception right in the comfort of your first home together as husband and wife? Today Chere Weddings & Events, who have planned several weddings in HDB flats and condominium apartments, share the benefits of a wedding in your own abode along with tips on how to make your guests feel right at home.

Chere Weddings & Events: There are a few advantages to holding your wedding at home. First, it is cost-effective. The biggest expenditures of your wedding – venue and food – are taken care of when you move your entire wedding to your home, and there are no corkage fees or service charges!

Secondly, there’s nothing more intimate or cosy than opening up your house to your family and closest friends to celebrate love.

Finally, your home is yours, making it an absolutely unique wedding venue.

Things to take note of when planning a wedding at home

1. Capacity
With HDB or home weddings, there may be a limit as to how many guests you can comfortably host at your wedding! Take time to understand your space to ensure your guests will feel comfortable. For newlyweds, consider getting married at home at your new house before you move furniture in! This way, you have an empty canvas to work with for your wedding and won't need to worry about where to place those bulky sofas and TV sets!

2. Food Catering
There are many options for catering food for your guests. For a unique experience, consider hiring a private chef and lending him your kitchen! Seeing a chef whip up something fresh and hot may be interesting for your guests as well!

3. Sound System
This might be one thing couples miss out on. Having a sound system sets the mood and ambience for the entire ceremony so you won't be marching in in silence!

Good portable speakers can be used for small homes such as HDB flats! Put together a Spotify playlist or get a music-savvy relative to help set the mood for the wedding! [TWS: If you need ideas for wedding music, check out our playlists on Spotify – perfect for march-ins, recessionals, party music, and more!]

Cheng Wen and Weiwei
Weiwei of Chere Weddings & Events: In accordance with Singapore law, we had to produce a marriage certificate with the collection of our BTO. With all our plans messed up because our flat came early, we decided to wing it and plan our ROM at home just as we finished renovations.

Before the furniture came in, we got to work with an empty home which made things easier as we had an abundance of space (ironic for a Singaporean home). We needed just our immediate family with us and that's what we decided on, so there were only around 15 to 20 of us, including our entire team.

Similarly when it came to hiring vendors, we (mostly me) knew what we needed and who we wanted, so the process was super fast – just a text or phone call and it was done. All in all, the estimated cost of our cosy ROM was about $12,000 in total, including the following items:

- Cheongsam by VL Couture
- Suit by Common Suits
- Catering from Neo Garden
- Florals and decor from CC Lee
- Furniture rental
- Hair and makeup by Jyue Huey of The Make Up Room
- Photography by Mindy Tan
- Videography by The Other Brother by Majella's Studios, and of course
- Planning and coordination by Chere Weddings & Events

John and Jolin
Using their living room space and existing furniture, we reconfigured the layout slightly and made creative use of everything they had. The curtains were re-arranged to create the illusion of a draped arch and adorned with a simple garland.

The existing furniture added what was truly unique to John and Jolin – their style and taste when it comes to design. They had about 10 of their closest friends attending the ceremony due to both of them being expats in Singapore. Because of the intimacy of the event, we arranged for high tea-styled catering rather than a full buffet. All in all, their expenditure was about $6000, and included the following:

- Finger food snacks from Delifrance
- Floral and decor by Sing See Soon
- Photography by Andri Tei
- Planning and coordination by Chere Weddings & Events

Michael and Leei Hong
Michael and Leei Hong chose to have their ceremony on the open balcony of their penthouse. Emphasizing that they love nature and the setting of the balcony, we added aisle stands to highlight the space. Leei Hong had an amazing red carpet which added a strong foundation to the colour palette and completed the whole look.

The ceremony was attended by their closest friends and family – there were just about 8 of them in total. For their dinner, we arranged for a private chef to cook dinner in their kitchen, and every dish was professionally, individually plated. As wedding planners, we doubled up and helped with serving the dishes.

We estimate their total expenditure to be about $9,000 including the following:

- Floral and decor by CC Lee
- Private chef catering by Club Vivre
- Hair and makeup by Jasmine of Autelier
- Photography by Andri Tei
- Planning and coordination by Chere Weddings & Events


Thank you for sharing your ideas with us Chere Weddings & Events, we’re sure it'll inspire Wedding Scoopers to plan HDB or condo weddings in the future!


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