Jason and Annie’s Couple Photoshoot Featuring Their Adorable Pooches

Home is where the heart is – and nothing reflects that more than Jason and Annie’s pre-wedding photoshoot with their two pet pups: Happy, a white Shiba Inu, and Joy, a Pomeranian.

In their bright and airy Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur abode, the couple wore matching denim outfits and cuddled with their furry friends on the couch for the shoot, which had a relaxed, casual air. The images by Wefreeze Photography captured this little family’s love for each other beautifully, and are definitely for keeps!

How did you meet and fall in love?
“We met while working at a real estate agency where we were both hired through a recommendation from our mom’s mutual friend. We were the two youngest employees that joined one week apart, and the rest, as they say, is history! I just think he was the nicest and sweetest person I’ve ever met. We hung out for about half a year before we started dating.” ~ Annie

How did you know he/she was The One?
“We had lived together for a while before getting our marriage registered, and the fact that we can live together and are happy to go through real life; pick each other up through bad times; and always put a smile on each other’s faces tells me he is the one I can live and grow together with.” ~ Annie

“Annie's attractiveness was the first thing that caught my eye. She's just so cute and petite. But what made me truly fall in love is her personality and values. She puts family first, which is extremely important to me. And when she showed both patience and kindness towards mine, I knew that she was the one.” ~ Jason

What do you love most about your partner?
“Jason is literally the NICEST person I know, and he is always a gentleman. Chivalry is not dead! Plus he understands my humour and we can be cheeky together. We have very similar values about life and how to live it. He also makes up for the fact that I'm a very straightforward person, and occasionally I lack tactfulness. He taught me a lot of patience and tact when dealing with people.” ~ Annie

“Annie never fails to make me smile with her cheeky antics. She's super fun! But when it's time to get serious — whether it's about work or life matters — she can switch gears very quickly and get me on board. I often get distracted and take my time with things, so it's good that I have Annie to nudge me a little into making decisions and taking action.” ~ Jason

What was the proposal like? 
“There wasn't one. We are a very practical couple, maybe not as romantic as some, but mostly I think our standards for romance are not very conventional. A proposal wasn't necessary, we had dated 5 years at that point, and thought it was a good milestone for us to get married.” ~ Annie

“"Hey baby, shall we get married?" “Yes...” That was it.” ~ Jason

What was the inspiration behind your shoot? 
“I am the founder of Happy Fluff, a pet care company, which I started because of our first dog Happy. Joy was adopted a year ago, we had also moved into our first home together last year. I wanted to showcase our lives and home together. Both of us have lived in Bangsar all our lives and continue to do so. In fact, we met at a firm in Bangsar. To me, a wedding is not the most important thing, but really how we continue to grow as a couple, as individuals and as a family, which includes our baby doggies! I wanted to showcase our home together, our lives together, and our loves together.” ~ Annie

Do you have any interesting or favourite moments, memories or special stories to share from the shoot?
“Joy was stealing all the attention because she is so cute. Rynee, my MUA, really helped me with my styling: I had requested double buns, and she did such a great job in bringing out my usually quirky style from real life to shoot. We also all shared a tasty banana leaf meal in the neighbourhood afterwards, together with Danny and Jinny of Wefreeze and Rynee.” ~ Annie

Do you have any tips and advice for couples planning pre-wedding shoots?
“I think it’s best to think about what you are trying to show in the photos, something personal. For me, it was our lives together. Scenic landscapes that meant nothing personal to me were not what I wanted.

Communicate well with your photographer about what you are going for, and pick a photographer that captures the style you like. Think of it as a personal project, what is sentimental and meaningful to you both as couple. Wefreeze’s images were exactly the style I like. I feel like I can speak to Jinny really well as she and I have very similar tastes, both she and Danny give good directions, and we always felt comfortable and not awkward and stuffy.” ~ Annie


Thank you for sharing these beautiful images with us, Jason and Annie! We wish you a lifetime of love!


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Vendor Information
Photography: Wefreeze Photography
Hair and Makeup: Rynee Tan Make up Artist Studio
Venues: Couple’s home in Bangsar and the neighbourhood of Bangsar Park, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia