Jason and Jill’s Engagement Shoot in Lofoten, Norway

There is something about destination pre-wedding shoots that makes our heart beat a little faster, and this stunning set by photographer Vegard Giskehaug is certainly no different. Jason and Jill traversed dirt roads and uneven terrain to be photographed against the untouched beauty of Lofoten in Norway, and despite the erratic weather, the pictures turned out better than anyone could have expected, as you will see below.

How did you meet and what was the proposal like?
“We were classmates in university, and we have been together since our college days.

Jason proposed to me in Iceland – it happened on Diamond Beach, aptly named for the many icebergs that you can see there. He asked our guide to take our picture on the black sand beach, and when I turned around to face him, he was already down on one knee.” ~ Jill

What was the inspiration behind your shoot?
“When we were discussing where we wanted to register our marriage, Jason was keen on doing it in a big city whereas I preferred getting it done in a place with more natural surroundings. We ultimately decided to have our ROM in NYC – a city we both absolutely adore, and do a photo shoot in Norway instead.” ~ Jill 
Do you have any interesting moments or stories to share from the day of the shoot?
“We spotted a lot of animals, and even had a few lambs appear in some of our pictures. We managed to see a fox, a few elks and an eagle during our day out!

Besides that, we ran into these lovely Finnish guys who came over congratulate us and give us drinks! People were so friendly and happy for us even though they didn't know us.” ~ Jill

Do you have any tips and advice for couples planning destination pre-wedding shoots?
“Your communication with your photographer is very important. I am so glad that Vegard was great in this department – he gave us tips on where to stay and what to expect, and he scouted for locations that were suitable and to our liking. 

Apart from that, it's important to always be prepared for all sorts of weather. Bring an overcoat / raincoat, comfortable shoes and a change of clothes just in case! Keep in mind that regardless of the weather, your photos can still turn out amazing! I was pretty bummed when the weather turned from sunny to dull and cloudy, but Vegard constantly assured me that the pictures will still turn out great, and they really did!” ~ Jill



Vendor Information
Locations: Henningsvaer, Leknes and Eggum in Lofoten, Norway
Photographer: Vegard Giskehaug
Dress: Emmanuel Haute Couture
Hair and Makeup: Nikita Hair Norway