Jay and Hui Li’s Bali Proposal with Horses and a Helicopter

We often read about princesses who meet their knights in shining armour on horseback, but Jay actually brought the stuff of fairytales to life (and more!). Jay cleared Legian Beach in Bali for his elaborate proposal to Hui Li; planned by LYNX, it involved a hundred white balloons, a helicopter, and a grand entrance on a white stallion. Be sure to watch the video and read through our interview with Jay for all the details!

How did you two meet, and how did you know she was the one?
“We met each other at Prudential, back when we were both insurance agents. Even then, we worked and motivated each other, and that’s how our love story began. It wasn't a love at first sight; in terms of character, both of us are very different. Our opposing personalities are probably the reason why we just clicked, and when I felt that spark between us, I just knew she was the one.” ~ Jay

Tell us about the proposal.
“I proposed to Hui Li on the 17th of September. We went to Bali to attend my friend’s wedding, and I told Hui Li that another friend of mine needed our help because he planned to propose to his girlfriend while we were there. What she didn’t know was that I started planning my proposal to her three months prior. I hired the people behind Lynx Wedding to help orchestrate the entire event, and even invited some of our closest friends to witness it.

Lynx Wedding prepared a table that displayed photos and love letters that told our story. This area led to a beautiful pavilion that was decorated with hanging lights. The ‘proposal spot’ was surrounded with fresh flowers and candles that formed the shape of a heart, along with a hundred white balloons.

All this time, Hui Li was under the impression that she was helping my friend Shane propose to his girlfriend, Bernice. When the girls arrived at the venue, they were both blindfolded and brought to the first station. Once she saw the photos and love letters on display, Hui Li realised that it wasn’t Bernice’s proposal. She walked to the pavilion, where I prepared a ‘live conference station’ that allowed her to chat with her friends and family back in Singapore. The whole proposal was captured for all of them to see on Facebook Live.

Finally, Hui Li was invited to the proposal spot. I got a helicopter to fly over the area, and I asked one of my friends to wear the outfit I wore earlier that day and pretend to be me. I called Hui Li on the phone and began saying my proposal speech. About halfway through the speech, I told her that the helicopter had to make an emergency landing. I wanted her to think that I was in danger, so I had the helicopter fly around in circles while I prepared myself behind the scenes.

I entered on a white horse, followed by all of our closest friends. Once I reached the proposal spot, I got down from my horse, finished my speech and popped the question. After the proposal, we went horse riding on the beach as the sun went down. The day ended with a traditional Balinese fire dance show.” ~ Jay

Why the helicopter?
“Years ago, I joked that I would one day fly a helicopter, come down and propose to her.” ~ Jay

Why the white horse?
“Hui Li was born in the year of the horse, and I thought, what else could be more romantic?” ~ Jay

How did you find the ring?
“I am no ring expert, so I sought the help of a friend of mine who owns a jewellery business in Indonesia. I did a bit of research to find the kind of design I wanted, and my friend helped me to buy the diamond that best fit what I was looking for. Having the ring made was easy – the real challenge was finding the right diamond.” ~ Jay

What were some of the challenges you faced while planning the proposal?
“Because of the sheer number of people involved, it was a challenge to communicate with them constantly to ensure that everything went smoothly, all while keeping it a secret from Hui Li.

Finding the right proposal spot was tough. The place needed to be close to a stable, and on top of that we needed to ask for the stable owner’s permission to take the horses out. The place also needed to be able to accommodate a helicopter landing. We even needed to get the approval from one of the local village chiefs, as the helicopter had to fly over their village to reach the proposal venue. We also got a permit to have the entire beach cleared for the event.” ~ Jay


Congratulations on your engagement, Jay and Hui Li, and thank you for sharing your proposal story with us!



Vendor Information
Venue: Legian Beach, Bali, Indonesia
Proposal Planner: LYNX