Jose and Cheryl’s Family Photo Shoot with Newborn Sierra Rose

Get ready to collectively “aww” with us when you see these adorable snaps of baby Sierra Rose and her family, as lovingly captured by Louis Loo of Baby Deviews. Sierra was only three days young when these pictures were taken – doesn’t she look like an angel?

A word from Cheryl…
“It's been such a blessing having Sierra Rose join us. Our family feels so complete now; I've always dreamed of having 2 girls and a boy.

The photo shoot was a last-minute decision because Sierra was born on a Friday and my husband Jose was scheduled to fly back to Jakarta from KL with our two other kids, Ashton Cruz and Scarlett Rose the following Monday. I contacted our photographer Louis a few weeks prior to that, but we couldn't confirm the time and date for the photography session due to the unpredictable nature of pregnancies and deliveries. On the day of the photography session, baby Sierra was only 3 days old (or should I say young). Louis had his reservations and was initially reluctant to take her photographs, but after much cajoling, he finally agreed. He went to our place on Monday morning to take the photos a few hours before my family's flight.

We’ve worked with Louis before; he took photos when our elder daughter Scarlett was born, and shot a few other family events. We knew he is very professional and he would bring all the necessary props and costumes for the newborn baby. For the family portraits, I thought of having everyone come dressed in his/her favourite pairs of jeans and t-shirts, and having the photos taken on our bed – our kids love to climb in and cuddle with us there! It was a fun and comfortable shoot, so getting my older kids to cooperate was a breeze! We had just brought home baby Sierra the night before, so her siblings were very excited about her. After we were done with the family photos, my husband left for the airport with our two kids, and Louis continued to take photos of Sierra. I left him and his assistant to take the photos while I grabbed lunch and ran some errands because I knew that Sierra was in good hands.

Motherhood has been so rewarding. Words cannot even begin to describe how happy and grateful I am to be blessed with 3 beautiful children. Motherhood comes with its own set of challenges, like the sleepless nights and my children’s incessant demands, but I know all these will pass soon enough. My kids are growing up so fast, so I always tell myself to appreciate and enjoy every single moment I have with them now. It also helps that my husband is very hands-on and has been extremely supportive in and of everything. I'm grateful for all that I have and I couldn't ask for more.”


Congratulations on your new bundle of joy, Jose and Cheryl, and thank you for sharing these beautiful images with us!



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